Why Buy a Used Forklift in Indiana


It’s time to replace one of your forklifts or add another one to your fleet.First, you figure out what specifications you need.Then, you decide how much you can spend.Now, you’re ready to purchase that shiny, new forklift.After all, new forklifts have low to no miles, brand new parts, and can be customized to your exact needs.

But what about a used forklift?

Sometimes a used forklift can be a smarter purchase, especially under the right conditions.So what should you consider when buying used?

How much will you use your forklift?

First and foremost, you need to determine how much you will use your forklift.If you project a workload of four hours or less per day, then you may want to look at a used forklift.By not putting your forklift through 12-hour shifts, it will go through a lot less wear and tear.If you don’t necessarily need the extra miles those brand new parts will give, you can save by buying used.

How much you liked a former model?

You and your crew may have a particular forklift model that you love.Every control is where it should be, and it handles so intuitively that you can almost drive it in your sleep.Newer models may have more bells and whistles, but upgrading will take extra training and time until you are familiar with the machine.Buying a used forklift model that’s more familiar lets you run your operation like nothing has changed.

How durable is the used forklift?

This question may seem counterintuitive -- how can a used forklift be seen as durable?But consider that many used forklifts from Tynan Equipment Company are actually former leases. Because we ensure each leased forklift is in fantastic condition, you know that it will work exactly as it should. Most used trucks sold are former Tynan fleet units. These units have been fully maintained since new by Tynan with periodic maintenance performed and extensive maintenance records available. Whether lease or Tynan fleet, having maintenance records available greatly increases the value and assures that you do not receive a lemon. You can also be rest assured that Tynan thoroughly inspects and tunes up all units before sale.

What are the cost savings?

It’s no surprise that a used forklift costs less than a new forklift.You can see approximately 30% - 50% cost savings when buying used.That can work for your budget, and lets you spend more money on other needed expenditures.

Still not sure if you should buy new or used?

Before you decide between a new and used forklift, you should contact the experts at Tynan Equipment Company.We have served central Indiana for over 50 years, and have a diverse stock of both new and used forklifts.Call us today at 317-597-4003, and we will help find the right option for you and your operation.

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