What You Need To Know About Cushion Forklift Tires In Indiana

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When you purchase a new forklift for your Indiana business, you have to factor in a few variables. For instance, you have to determine your needed load capacity. Or you may need specialized attachments. Or you may need tires that don’t tear up the floor of your inside warehouse -- which means you need a forklift with cushion tires.

What’s The Difference Between Forklifts With Pneumatic Forklift Tires And Forklifts With Cushion Tires?

When you build out your forklift, you may have a choice of whether to use a pneumatic tire forklift or a cushion tire forklift. Pneumatic tires are tall and wide and generally have large tread. You usually find these forklift tires used outdoors on uneven terrain, rough pavement, or gravel.  Cushion forklift tires are smaller, harder tires that work well for forklifts that do indoor jobs on smoother surfaces.

Just remember once you choose a type of forklift, the type of tires can’t be interchanged due to safety and performance. A pneumatic tire forklift and a cushion tire forklift are two different machines.

What Are The Advantages Of Cushion Forklift Tires In Indiana?

For an Indiana business, forklifts with cushion forklift tires have three distinct advantages:

  • Ease of use on smooth surfaces
  • Greater maneuverability
  • Lower overall cost when compared to pneumatic forklift tires

Forklifts with cushion forklift tires are produced explicitly for smooth floors, and the hard outer shell protects the wheels from damage. They have extra rubber for a more comfortable, safer ride, and extended service life.

However, they’re not recommended for outdoor use on uneven surfaces because of safety issues related to damage or reduced traction. Forklifts that use cushion tires require a smaller turning radius, less ground clearance to operate, and have better maneuverability than forklifts with pneumatic tires. Finally, cushion forklift tires are less expensive to operate and maintain.

When Should An Indiana Business Get A Forklift With Cushion Tires?

A critical factor in selecting a forklift with cushion tires is where you intend to use the truck. Cushion forklift tires, better suited for smooth indoor floors, are ideal for manufacturing, retail stores, food storage, and manufacturing.

The lighter weight and tighter turn radius of the tires make them perfect for smaller loads in tight places. You will see cushion tires on electric riding forklifts or narrow aisle forklifts that service loading docks or warehouse racks, provided that the floor is level.

Let Tynan Help You With Your Cushion Forklift Tires In Indiana

As Indiana’s premier forklift dealer, we built our reputation on customer satisfaction and offering equipment at the best prices. Tynan is your best choice for forklifts and cushion tires across Indiana. Our experts are available today at 317-597-4003 and can help you choose the right cushion tire for your business.

Cushioned forklift tires are soft, smooth and perfect for inside work.

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