Changing the Battery in Your Electric Indiana Forklift

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Sooner or later, you are going to have to remove and change the battery from your electric forklift. You may want to remove the battery so it can charge between shifts or overnight, or perhaps it is dead and needs replacing. So when do you know when your forklift battery needs changing? And how should you safely and efficiently change the battery to ensure that all of your forklifts in your Indiana warehouse run smoothly?

When to change a battery

The main reason to remove a battery in an electric forklift is so it can charge to full capacity. Most of the time this is a scheduled charge at the end of a shift or overnight. However, a battery can run down faster in extreme temperatures or if you’re carrying especially heavy loads. Just remember to check that your battery is below 20% before changing and charge the battery until it’s completely full.

You will also have to change your battery when it’s completely dead and needs to be replaced. Forklift batteries last approximately five years, given normal use and charge cycles. You may also need to permanently replace your battery when you see corrosion on the battery case or if it no longer holds a charge. Of course, if the battery starts smoking or smells like “rotten eggs”, it needs immediate replacement.

Make sure you’re safe before you change your forklift batteries

Changing a forklift battery seems easy, but only if you follow all the safety regulations. Batteries are deceptively heavy and can leak gases, chemicals or electrical charges if safety procedures are not adhered to. That’s why it is best to have only those trained to work with batteries do the changing and to have everyone follow these safety tips:

  • Wear protective clothing like safety glasses and gloves
  • Ensure that your Indiana warehouse has a dedicated changing station with plenty of room for two forklifts
  • Use a lifting beam or equivalent instead of a chain with two hooks
  • Make sure that you have adequate ventilation and equipment in case of fire, acid spills, or electrical burns.
  • No smoking in the battery changing or charging areas
  • Refer to any additional safety procedures required by your Indiana operation

Changing your electric forklift battery

First and foremost, check the instructions located in your user manual. Different manufacturers may have different procedures, and they should always supersede any other instructions. Never improvise or work on intuition, or you may just find out why these safety precautions are in place.

However, the general principle of changing a forklift battery entails three steps:

  1. Put the forklift in park and make sure the handbrake is set. Turn off the forklift and disconnect all cables and battery locks.
  2. With a second forklift with a lifting beam, or a dedicated battery extruder, slowly remove the battery and take it to the charging area.
  3. With the second forklift, replace the old battery with the new one, and make sure all the cords are where they should go.  Don’t forget to test the new battery for proper charge and hookup before you drive off!

Tynan Can Help Your Central Indiana Battery Needs

From operator training to equipment, Tynan can help your Central Indiana operation change all your electric forklift batteries safely and efficiently. Call us today at 317-597-4003, and we will help you find the perfect solutions for all your forklift needs.

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