Facility Manager Guide To Indiana Floor Cleaning Equipment


Facilities managers in Indiana know that keeping plant and distribution floors clean means less accidents, and improved delivery of good. Your material handling equipment tend to last longer driving on clean floors because forklift tires can get worn down by debris over time. Accumulated dust can make it harder for these trucks to brake. And packaged products look dated and undesirable covered in dust.

To help you keep floors clean, here’s a guide to floor cleaning equipment available in Indiana.

Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers

A combination sweeper-scrubber consists of cylindrical scrubbers that pick up debris and scrub the floor at the same time. It uses long brooms that are cylinder shaped. These combination units are great for indoor areas that demand efficient cleaning.

Most combination units sweep dry and scrub wet. Those include the Admiral 48 and Commander T82.

Some units sweep wet and scrub wet, such as the Monitor 82. These double scrubbers are commonly used in distribution facilities that are moderately dusty. You’ll want the dust from shipping pallets to get wet so that it’s not airborne.

Rider Sweepers

Rider sweepers are preferred in manufacturing environments, asphalt and concrete plants, lumber distribution facilities, and brick and stone yards. These areas are heavily covered in fine dust and contaminated with soot. If these fine particles get wet, they turn into paste. And this can block tanks or cage up brooms in a combination sweeper-scrubber unit. That’s why facilities managers choose rider sweepers to sweep up the fine particulates first.

You might also use a rider sweeper outdoors where scrubbing is not needed.

Rider sweepers include the Armadillo 9X and Admiral 38C from PowerBoss, which meets your industry’s most rigorous cleaning requirements.

Rider Scrubbers

Rider scrubbers are used to clean the floors after a sweeper has removed heavy fine dust and soot. The cylindrical brush on the PowerBoss Admiral 28 rider scrubber allows for optimum scrubbing even on tiled surfaces and structured floors.

Walk Behind Sweepers

For aisles where a rider sweeper cannot pass, walk behind sweepers are perfect for the job. Their compact design means you can maneuver them through narrower aisles with ease to clean up dust and debris.

The PowerBoss Collector 26 is an example of a manual walk behind sweeper that doesn’t include any electronics. And the Collector 34 is a higher performance, higher capacity, self propelled walk behind sweeper with a large main broom.

Learn More About Floor Cleaning Equipment In Indiana

This guide is only an overview of the options for floor cleaning equipment in Indiana. All these cleaning equipment are available in LP, electric, diesel, and gasoline. For more information, browse our list of products. If you have any questions about renting and buying floor cleaning equipment, give us a call at 317.597.4003!

Combination Sweeper Scrubber

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