What To Do For A Forklift Oil Leak

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When you see oil dripping from your forklift, you may feel tempted to keep working and worry about it later. But your Indiana operation should never ignore a forklift oil leak. Leaking oil can be a sign of a bigger problem and create a safety hazard. Prevent more costly damage and get your forklift up and working again with these steps.

Put the Lift Away to Prevent More Damage

If you see a forklift oil leak, do not use the forklift until someone fixes it. An oil leak may indicate a more serious problem. Trying to use a broken truck can cause it to malfunction and hurt someone or damage something.

Even if a piece of equipment has no other problems now, an oil leak can let debris get in and ruin the engine or make it overheat. Operating a faulty forklift may impair it further or beyond repair. You don’t want to pay for significant repairs or a brand new forklift if you can help it. So just park the lift and schedule maintenance.

Clean Up Spilled Oil and Protect Your Floor

Just as you can’t ignore a disabled forklift, you also can’t ignore the puddle of oil beneath it. Oil is slippery and can cause someone to slip or lose control of equipment. Oil can also ignite and cause a fire. Don’t take those risks.

You also don’t want the oil to ruin your floor. Put a container under the forklift’s oil leak and clean any stains it left. The best method for cleaning spills off of most floors begins with soaking up the excess oil. Next, saturate the spot with a strong de-greasing cleaning solution. Finally, go over it with a powerful, industrial floor scrubber.

Try to Identify the Origin of the Forklift Oil Leak

You may not have mechanical experience, but you might find it helpful to identify where the oil is leaking from before scheduling a forklift service appointment. Your mechanic will appreciate this information and be able to give you a more accurate price estimate for the repair.

Not sure what you’re looking for? These parts are the most common sources of forklift oil leaks:

  • Control valves.
  • Cylinders.
  • Hydraulic filters.
  • Seals.

Contact Your Trusted Indiana Forklift Repair Service

To get your lift back in good working order again, call your trusted forklift repair service. A professional mechanic who specializes in forklifts can fix yours faster and better than if you attempt a DIY job.

If you do not already have a go-to repair service, look for one whose technicians are factory-trained and certified. They should have experience with many makes and models of forklifts and be willing to work on your lift at your site.

Call Tynan When You See a Forklift Oil Leak

Tynan makes forklift repairs easy. Our factory-trained technicians come to you and can fix any forklift issue to keep your entire fleet in working order. Schedule a service appointment any time by calling 317-597-4003.

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