Why You Should Use a Fleet Management System

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3 Reasons To Use A Forklift Fleet Management System In Indiana

A forklift fleet management system can increase warehouse productivity and control costs. And with today’s technology, its capabilities are better than ever. Here are 3 reasons why your Indiana warehouse should use a forklift fleet management system.

1. Control Your Costs By Tracking Equipment UsageTynan Fleet Management System.jpg

Do you know how much money you spend on your equipment and forklifts, including hidden costs such as repairs, downtimes, and operators’ salaries? The best way to know the true cost of your equipment is by tracking it.

Fleet management systems, such as Yale Vision®, automate equipment and usage tracking. They connect directly to your forklifts through a wireless network. You can track hour meter usage and cost of operation to understand how each piece of equipment is used. This data helps you decide if you need to increase or reduce your fleet.

You can also see how often equipment is out of commission due to repairs or battery charging, and replace equipment as needed. Some systems come with idle shutdown features which turn off idling or unattended equipment after a predetermined length of time. This saves on fuel costs and increases forklift safety.

The layout of your warehouse racks also affects how efficient your forklifts and employees are. Track your forklifts’ most traveled routes to see if you need to rearrange racks so you can move more pallets in less time. Decreasing how far your forklifts have to travel saves on both fuel and operator costs.

2. Improve Safety And Reduce Accidents

Fleet management systems improve employee safety and helps protect your inventory. You can be notified of forklift impacts, parking brake and seat belt violation, and speed alerts to monitor if your employees are safely operating the equipment. The system can also notify you of any fault codes so that machine maintenance and repair can quickly be performed.

For increased safety, you can set up access control so that only employees who are certified can operate the machine. You can even program access control to make it so the forklift won’t start until the operator has completed a pre-determined safety checklist.

Operator training and certification are another critical part of a safe work environment. Fleet management systems can track employee certification and recertification and help with your operator training.

3. Create Maintenance Schedules

Maintaining your forklifts and equipment reduces costs from unneeded repairs, accidents, and replacing equipment too soon. Fleet management systems keep you up to date on when your equipment needs servicing. Whether you maintain your equipment yourself or have your local dealer come in, you’ll have accurate records of the service that’s already been done for each forklift and what maintenance it needs.

Learn More About Fleet Management Systems

For more information on fleet management systems in Indiana, contact us at 317-597-4003. Our experts will help you find the right fleet management system for your warehouse to help you cut costs and increase productivity. We’ll also train your management on the system so they can use the data the system provides to save on time and money.

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