Upgrading From a 5,000 lb Forklift in Indiana

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Are you on the fence between buying or renting a standard 5,000 lb forklift or a high-capacity forklift in Indiana? While a 5,000 lb limit forklift may have worked for you in the past, here are some reasons to consider upgrading to a higher-capacity forklift.

What is a High Capacity Forklift?

The definition of a high capacity forklift varies depending on who you ask. Technically, high capacity forklifts start at 19,000 lbs. capacity. For the average user, a high capacity forklift is probably anything over 8,000 lbs.

Even if you don’t need an 8,000 lb high capacity forklift for your company, upgrading from a 5,000 lb forklift to a higher capacity 8,000 lb forklift may be beneficial.

Higher Capacity Forklifts Are Safer If Your Loads are Close to the Limit

Going over your forklift’s load limit can be a major safety hazard. When forklifts approach or go over their load limit they are in danger of tipping over, losing their load, or having a load fall off and hit an employee.

Each forklift has a load limit displayed on their data plate, which your employees should be familiar with. This limit is for a uniformly distributed load at a standard load center of 24 inches. Load limits can decrease depending on the size and shape of the load as well as its distance from the forklift’s mast.

Attachments also affect and reduce the load limit. When you add an attachment to your forklift like a clamp or a fork rotator you’ll need to check the attachment’s data sheet to recalculate the new load limit.

If you find yourself frequently approaching the load limit, it’s time to upgrade to a higher capacity forklift. Upgrading will help keep your employees safe, prolong the life of your forklift, and protect your loads from damage.

A Higher Capacity Forklift Opens Up More Options for FutureWork

Higher capacity forklifts are versatile. They can handle smaller loads as well as large loads. If you’re choosing between two forklifts and one has a slightly higher load limit, go with the higher load limit. That way if you have a heavier load due to new inventories or supplies you’ll already have a forklift that can handle the new load.

High Capacity Forklifts Have Lots of Options

If you’re looking to grow beyond a 5,000 pound forklift, there’s lots of options to choose from in both new and used forklifts. Warehouse propane or electric forklifts have models ranging from 3,000 pounds to up to 12,000 pounds. Diesel engine forklifts for construction or industrial sites can carry loads up to 36,000 pounds. With a range of attachments to choose from, you can find the perfect lift truck for your company.

Tynan Carries Many Types of High Capacity Forklifts in Indiana to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty construction forklift that can carry 20,000 pounds or an electric narrow aisle forklift that can carry 5,000 pounds, we have what you’re looking for. Give us a call at 317-597-4003 to talk through your needs and find which high capacity or specialty forklift is best for your company.

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