Why Yale Is One Of The Top Forklift Brands In Indiana

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You’ve probably seen Yale forklifts and equipment on construction sites, in warehouses, and in lumberyards. That’s because Yale is one of the top forklift brands in Indiana - and the world. According to Modern Materials Handling, in 2014 Yale had the 4th largest revenue among forklift suppliers, grossing $2.7 billion in worldwide sales.

So what makes Yale so successful - and why should you consider them for your forklift needs? It boils down to three things: their strong product line, efficient manufacturing process, and customer-based design.

Strong Product Line

Yale has been manufacturing material handling equipment for over 137 years and is recognized as one of the oldest, most trusted lift truck manufacturers in the world. They specialize in forklifts and offer a variety of products across industry lines, and for both small and large businesses. They sell their equipment and offer servicing and maintenance through their local dealers such as Tynan. Whether you need a small 2,000 pound lift forklift or a high-capacity 36,000 pound forklift, Yale has a machine that fits your needs.

Efficient Manufacturers

Yale believes that customer service and satisfaction starts with the manufacturing process. One of the ways Yale is efficient is with their demand flow technology. This capability lets them build products as customers need them and keep production within strict timetables to service customer demand and keep inventory costs low.

Yale has also passed the stringent quality management system global certification for ISO9001:2008. This means their manufacturing processes are customer focused and centered around reducing waste and improving efficiencies. To retain their certification they have to perform periodic audits to ensure the highest degree of quality manufacturing. By improving product quality and reducing manufacturing inefficiencies and waste, they keep equipment costs lower for their customers.

Customer-Based Product Research & Design

The first place Yale turns to when creating or redesigning their products is their customers. Their goal is to create products that are comfortable for their users and improve their work efficiency. They ask for customer feedback in the research, concept development, and early pilot programs for their equipment. They make any necessary enhancements to the equipment before doing a full rollout on new equipment.

Ergonomics are important to Yale. Yale will observe forklift operators using their equipment to understand how to improve efficiency and comfort. They also use on-board computers to understand how the machines are used and can be improved.

Contact Tynan To Buy Yale Equipment In Indiana

Tynan has been a proud full-service dealer for Yale equipment for over 50 years. We sell Yale forklifts as well as provide Yale leases and rentals. We also offer Yale parts, service and maintenance, and operator training. We’ll help you determine exactly what Yale forklifts or other equipment your facility needs. Call us at 317-597-4003 today!

Trust Tynan and Yale for all your Indiana forklift and equipment service needs.

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