What Your Indiana Business Should Know Before Adding A Forklift To Your Fleet

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As your Indiana business grows, you may find that you’re going to have to add another forklift to your fleet.  The extra truck should make your operation run more efficiently and may keep your current forklifts from becoming overworked.

However, there are some things to know before you commit to adding a forklift to your fleet in Indiana. Ask yourself these questions to ensure the new forklift can successfully fit in from day one. 

What Would the Forklift's Primary Purpose Be and How Does It Take Stress Off Your Fleet?

Before investing in a forklift, you should identify precisely why you need it and how it will benefit operations. 

For instance, do you need a forklift for daily tasks around a warehouse or only at a temporary job site?  If you think that the addition will only be needed for short-term work, then you may want to look at a forklift rental rather than owning a truck outright or leasing a new forklift. 

You should specifically spell out how the new forklift will make work easier for your fleet and team.  As the workload changes with the additional truck, you may have to also look at reconfiguring operator shifts or battery charging times.  By addressing traffic patterns and operational redundancy before you buy, your additional forklift will fit right into your team.

Also, note that adding a forklift to your fleet may reduce wear and tear on equipment. If this is the case, you may have to adjust your forklift replacement timelines.  Hopefully, fewer hours worked ends up with fewer maintenance problems and a longer lifecycle for your entire fleet.

Only you can determine how your Indiana business will use a new forklift, but knowing why you need a forklift upfront will justify the investment and help employees understand how best to use it on the job. 

How Are You Going to Make Room for It?

Like other equipment and vehicles, your forklift needs a place to park when not in use. Do you have such a spot available? You also might need to make room for any auxiliary forklift needs, like battery charging.

An additional forklift means new traffic patterns. If you plan on using a forklift inside, you need plenty of room for it to maneuver. For tight spaces like warehouses, you might want a narrow aisle forklift instead of a standard-sized one.

Do You Need a Specialized Attachment or Training?

Depending on the tasks you have in mind, a forklift may not be able to perform correctly on its own. Some jobs might require attachments like extensions for extra-large loads, a hopper for dumping, or clamps for lifting without a pallet. Plan to get these fitted so your additional forklift can be effective on day one.

If the addition is a new type of forklift, your operators will need certified operator training. Before investing in this equipment, ensure you have someone on your team that’s willing to get certified by a reputable company like Tynan.  

Adding a Forklift to Your Fleet with Central Indiana’s Trusted Forklift Company

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