How Will Your Company Benefit from a Long-Term Forklift Rental In Indiana?

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A forklift may be an important investment for your company, but do you always need to buy new material handling equipment? While you may think of forklift rental as a short-term process, your company may benefit from a long-term forklift rental in Indiana. 

Why Should You Consider A Long-Term Forklift Rental?

A long-term forklift rental in Indiana is just what it sounds like.  A term of six months or longer constitutes a long-term rental, and you don’t own the lift or have any overhead.  The terms are flexible and based on variables such as hours worked and operating conditions.  

You may find out that a long-term forklift rental in Indiana may be easier and better financially than a short-term rental or owning your own forklift fleet. You must decide what makes the most sense for your Indiana business because each job is different, and you must also consider any special needs your facility may have.

How Long-Term Forklift Rentals Can Help Your Business

Companies both large and small can benefit from long-term forklift rentals in Indiana. The main difference between long-term rentals, short-term rentals, and a lease is financial and flexibility. In the end, a long-term rental could be the right choice for your business, as you can have:

  • Reduced Rates
  • Your company can save money with reduced long-term rates compared with a short-term rental. Be sure to carefully read the terms of your forklift rental agreement.

  • No Overhead
  • With long-term renting, there is no overhead since you do not own the forklift.  Your balance sheet becomes simpler without worrying about depreciation or carrying costs.

  • Rental payments might be tax-deductible
  • Since rental payments are considered an operating expense, they could be deductible as a business expense. Thus, you won’t have to deal with complicated depreciation schedules or potentially damaging tax ramifications every year.

  • More Flexible Than Purchasing A New Forklift
  • When you want flexibility with your lifts, a long-term forklift rental might be a better alternative to purchasing a new forklift.

    • Maintenance and repair costs are included, eliminating service costs during your long-term rental period. You won’t have to hire a mechanic to service your rented forklifts which will save you time and money. Your rental company will provide repair services at no additional cost.

    • It is easier to trade in for a different forklift during or at the end of your long-term rental period. Or if you like the lift, you may try a rent-to-own contract.
    • Your business will have a competitive edge with access to the latest equipment and the newest parts and technology. You will not have to worry about the forklift becoming obsolete because you will be able to upgrade to a new(er) one that fits your needs as your company evolves. Staying current with technology allows your operation to benefit from the increased productivity and safety associated with advanced technologies.

    Tynan Has Indiana’s Largest Forklift Rental Fleet

    Still not sure which way to go? Contact our local Tynan experts who can help assess your needs and decide if a long-term forklift rental will fit your business requirements. We carry rental forklifts and equipment from the most trusted names in equipment, like Yale®, Cushman®, and Bendi. Just call us today at (317) 597-4003, and we will help you choose the forklift -- and terms -- perfect for your Indiana company.

    A long or short term forklift rental offers financial benefits and term flexibility.

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