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Indianapolis forklifts require proper care for the amount of work you put them through. In addition to proper scheduled maintenance and tune-ups, you need to be aware of what parts you need to replace. With the right knowledge, you can save downtime, money, and time sourcing your Indianapolis forklift parts. Pay attention to these replacement parts in particular and the time tables for when to change them out.

Forklift Chain Replacements

The forklift chain or mast chain is one of the most important parts of the hydraulic lift system. Without proper care and maintenance, a damaged or broken chain can put operators and others at serious risk – the worst case scenario is a snapped chain that drops a heavy load right out of the air.

Avoid this risk by being aware of the signs that you need to replace a chain. Look for elongation in the chain caused by wear, turned pins or broken links, rust and corrosion or misalignment. Replacing the mast chain is a simple enough fix, but neglecting to do so puts you at serious risk.

When to replace: Forklift chains should be checked every 500 hours, lubricated at least every 1,000 hours, and replaced no more than every 5,000-6,000 hours.

Forklift Hose Replacements

The several hoses that carry fluids throughout the lift truck assembly can degrade and break down over time. Depending on what they’re carrying, where they’re located in the truck, and usage factors, the replacement schedule for your fluid hoses can vary. These are the ones you need to look at for scheduled replacement and maintenance.

Power Steering Hose

The hose that carries power steering fluid isn’t a line that ruptures or wears down often, but the results of a damaged line are easy to notice. If the operators notice that it requires much more force to steer, or experience jerkiness in the steering column, it could be a sign to replace the power steering hose in the forklift.

When to replace: 3,000-4,000 hours

Hydraulic and Reservoir Tank Hoses

Hydraulic and reservoir tank hose ruptures or wear can cause leaking oil and brake fluid, worn cylinders and issues with braking and shifting.

When to replace: 3,000-4,000 hours

Fuel Hose

Obviously, the fuel hose is relevant only to IC forklifts, but it’s the most important hose to watch in those forklifts. Fuel spills and leaks can be incredibly dangerous in some work environments, so be aware of the warning signs of a damaged fuel hose: odor, a misfiring engine, and visible leaks.

When to replace: 3,000-4,000 hours

Forklift Spark Plug Replacements

Other than air filters and oil filters, spark plugs are the parts that need to be replaced most often in forklifts.

Just like in cars, failing to regularly replace worn spark plugs can result in misfiring engines, lack of acceleration and lift power, less efficient fuel consumption, and engine idling. Swapping out your spark plugs on a regular basis should be part of your planned maintenance program.

When to replace: Every 500 hours or at sign of wear.

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Keep your forklift parts up to date with a replacement part checklist.

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