What's the Best Forklift Brand?

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“What’s the best forklift brand?”

It’s a good question, and one we hear pretty regularly. But here’s the truth: there is no best forklit brand or manufacturer. Most forklifts in Indiana you can buy or rent have distinct advantages and drawbacks. So while there isn’t a best overall, there’s likely a best forklift brand for what your team does.

For most of our forklift customers in Indiana, we recommend Yale, based on a number of excellent traits. Outside of Indiana, the best forklift brand for you is going to depend on a few things.

The Best Forklift Brand for The Type of Work You Do

We’ll be honest–we can be a little biased when it comes to recommending forklift manufacturers. Tynan is the only certified Yale forklift dealer in Indiana. And Yale is usually our first recommendation, due to the sheer variety and reliability in equipment they offer.

But some supply chains and warehouse operations need more specialized equipment. So narrow your search for a forklift brand by focusing on your facility’s needs. If you work with narrow-aisle or very narrow aisle (VNA) racking, Bendi narrow aisle lifts and Drexel Swingmast forklifts are both excellent brands to look into. If you need a lift for aerial work, such as a telehandler or boom lifts, a brand specializing in aerial lifts like Genie should be your go-to.

The Best Forklift Brand for Your Employees

Your forklifts are only going to be as good as the people operating them, and your operators need to be as comfortable with the equipment as possible to use them to their full capacity. So take your employees into account when looking for the right forklift brand. What makes and models do they have experience with? What forklifts other than those you already have they had training in? What forklift brands can you get forklift operator training near you?

The Best Forklift Brand For Your Location

Speaking of nearby forklift operator training, where your workplace is located could also be a big factor in what the best forklift brand for your team could be. Don’t think just about the climate or terrain, but also what’s going to be the easiest and most cost-effective in getting your forklifts maintained? Are there certified dealers or suppliers nearby where you can quickly order replacement parts from, or would it take weeks and money spent on shipping to get a specialized part in from a brand that operates a few states away?

It’s always going to be easier to keep your material handling equipment handled locally, so if you’re in the market for new or used forklifts in Indiana from such brands as Yale, Genie, Cushman, Drexel, Bendi and more, turn to Tynan for all your forklift needs. Call us today at 317-497-4003 to talk to one of our equipment specialists.

We recommend Yale forklifts to the majority of our customers.

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