Tips for Buying Your First Forklift in Indiana


The time has finally come for you to buy a new forklift for your Indiana operation. But where do you begin? Buying your first forklift is different than purchasing other types of equipment you may use. If you have never bought a forklift before, you may be wondering how to pick the right one and if you have overlooked any steps in the process.

Don’t rush into purchasing your first forklift without following these tips first!

Buy According to Your Workload

The best reason to purchase a forklift is to increase productivity and efficiency. Buying the wrong forklift defeats that purpose. You need a forklift that can handle your workload but isn’t larger or more costly than what your work requires.

Begin by calculating how many hours per day, on average, you intend to use your forklift to narrow down your search. Heavy-duty models are designed to work more hours in a day and are an excellent investment for getting work done more efficiently. Less powerful models work fine for smaller jobs.

You should also consider your operators’ comfort. If they will use the forklift frequently, look for a model with excellent ride comfort and ergonomics. Your operators will thank you!

Rent Before You Buy Your First Forklift in Indiana

When buying a first forklift, many people often rent before they buy. This practice is smart if you are unsure if a forklift will benefit your team or what features will best suit your work. Renting a forklift allows you to test it out and learn how to incorporate this piece of equipment into the workday before you commit to owning one.

Renting before buying can be cheaper too. You don’t want to make a big purchase like a forklift but decide that it doesn’t work for you later when you can’t get your money back. Paying rental fees for a few months is cheaper in the long run if it helps you decide what forklift is best for your operation before you make a decision you can’t go back on.

Get Your Operators Certified for the New Forklift

Before buying a forklift, ask yourself, “Who will be using it?” You can’t buy a forklift if you have no one who is certified to operate it!

OSHA requires training and certification for all forklift operators. This certification is essential for correct forklift use and safety. Your forklift will do you no good if it malfunctions or causes injury because someone misuses it. When you purchase your first forklift, schedule professional operator training for crew members driving the forklift before they start using it.

Don’t Forget the Service Contract

Like all equipment, a forklift requires maintenance and repairs from time to time. Your Indiana forklift dealer should offer you a service contract that includes options for servicing your new forklift. Don’t forgo this protection.

Planned maintenance reduces unexpected repairs that can hurt employees, violate OSHA regulations, stall workflow, and incur a considerable expense. Make sure your service contract lets you arrange for tune-ups ahead of time so that you can plan downtime for your forklift according to your work schedule and avoid most surprise breakdowns.

Tynan Has the Right Forklift for You

When it’s time to buy their first forklift, Indiana operations turn to Tynan. We sell reliable forklift models suitable for a variety of jobs and workloads. To select the right forklift for you, contact us at (317) 597-4003, and our team of experts can help you find a forklift for all of your needs.

Do the proper research before committing to a particular forklift unit.

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