First-Time Forklift Rental Guide For Your Indiana Business


A big job is coming for your Indiana operation, and it doesn’t seem that your fleet has a forklift that will adequately handle the workload. Perhaps you want an extra forklift for the holiday rush. Or maybe you require a temporary replacement for a truck that’s undergoing some maintenance. Whatever the reason, you need something for the short term, as buying a new forklift is out the question.

If your Indiana business has never rented a forklift before, you may not know what you really need. If you rent your forklift through an experienced agency, like Tynan, they should be able to walk you through the process. But the more details you can come up with before the rental call, the better.  To find out what you should know, check out this essential guide for your first-time forklift rental.

First, Determine What Job You Need Done

Nobody wants to rent a forklift and then get it back to your place and find out that it’s not up to the job. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know:

  • How much weight you need to move: Be as precise as possible. By underestimating how heavy your loads will be, you risk damaging the rental equipment or causing an accident.
  • How high you have to lift: Different trucks have weight limits based on how high the lift can go. Always know the maximum height your racks are to ensure that the lift will reach them and can handle the weight at that height. If your load will stay on the ground, then you need a much less complicated pallet jack.
  • What your loads look like: Odd-shaped loads may need a special attachment. For pallets, it helps to know the size, weight, where the fork skids are placed, and how they are wrapped or bound.

Remember, the more you know about what you want to do with the forklift, the better you can get matched up with the right truck for the job.

Understand your environment

Your rental forklift must fit the environment of where it’s going to be used. Think about how your Indiana operation is set up.

  • Inside or outside: Most indoor operations are ideal for an electric forklift. LP trucks and pneumatic tires work best for outdoor operations with uneven or gravel ground. A cushion truck is best for an outdoor operation with a flat or paved ground. 
  • Aisle width and terrain peculiarities: If you need a narrow aisle forklift or have certain aisle requirements, it is best to let the experts at Tynan know beforehand so they can make sure you are getting the right truck.

If you are unsure of what forklift is best for your environment, just make a detailed list of concerns. Then when you discuss your rental needs, we can help match the perfect truck to your environment.

Who’s operating the truck and how long?

Just as important as the forklift itself, is who will be driving the truck and for how long. When you don’t have an idea of personnel or project length, then you may be squandering your budget.

  • Who’s driving:  Even forklift rentals need a certified driver. Operating without certification is against OSHA regulations and can lead to damaged product or accidents.
  • Project length:  Get the most accurate estimate possible and try to plan ahead. By accurately gauging your usage, you will receive the most accurate rental quote. Planning ahead will assure that the type of forklift you need will be ready and reserved for you. 

Tynan Is the Premier Forklift Rental Company In Central Indiana

Once you finished the first-time forklift rental guide, it’s time to contact Tynan. We have extensive experience in forklift rentals and have competitive rates, expert service, and lease terms to fit your needs. Contact us at (317) 597-4003, and we will find you the perfect forklift for the job!

Choosing the right forklift rental for your Indiana business depends on your company's needs.

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