How To Use A Forklift On Soft Ground In Indiana

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When you use a forklift outside, you may run into problems like soft ground and rough terrain. Uneven conditions are fairly easy to traverse if you have a rugged rough terrain forklift, but Indiana’s inclement weather can often leave you driving a forklift on soft ground. In these surface conditions, how do you make sure that your forklifts stay fully functional and your operators safe?

Check the Ground Conditions before You Use a Forklift on Soft Ground in Indiana

Surface conditions are an important part of safe forklift operation. Failure to confirm safe ground conditions can leave operators in a real bind – forcing unnecessary repairs or replacement of your equipment. So, before you even go through your daily forklift safety checklist, take a quick walk around the grounds. If you see muddy, slick, or soft spots, you can then see if they are safe to drive on.

Your operating surface must be strong enough to support the forklift, its load, and the operator. Undesirable conditions, such as soft ground, could cause the lift truck to bounce, skid, sink, and possibly tip over. If you have any doubt that the ground is too unstable, it may be best to mark the spot with some cones and alter your route.

Different types of Forklifts Handle Soft Ground in Indiana Better

Operating on soft ground makes your equipment more likely to sink or overturn the forklift. However, soft ground may not always end with a call to the forklift dealer for repairs. With the right equipment, you can still get your work done safely and effectively. Best case scenario: Utilize a rough terrain forklift with large pneumatic tires. These forklifts are built for less-than-ideal conditions, and their large pneumatic tires offer stronger grip and better traction. This is probably why you see rough terrain forklifts in lumber yards, indoor-outdoor warehouses, and other specialized purposes.

Tynan Can Help You Find the Right Forklift for Your Terrain

Whether you need a short-term solution for seasonal use, or you need a permanent forklift for soft ground in Indiana, you can count on Tynan. We have the largest forklift rental fleet in Indiana, and the experience to help you find the perfect truck for your needs. Just call (317) 597-4003 today!

Forklift operator on a soft surface.

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