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Renting a forklift in Indiana is a decent investment for any business. And just like any investment, renting material handling equipment is something that’s easier done when you have the right information. To help equipment managers across the state do their job just a tad more easily, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about forklift rentals in Indiana.

Get educated, and call Tynan Equipment at 317-597-4003 for more information about your team’s needs.

What’s the best brand of forklift to rent in Indiana?

The best brand, make, or model of forklift to rent is usually dependent on what you need to do. Some forklift manufacturers make better rough terrain forklifts, while others are known for the most efficient narrow aisle forklifts in the industry.

All things being equal, we recommend renting forklifts and material handlers that you can have serviced and maintained by trained and certified technicians. Fortunately, Tynan’s maintenance team has experience across nearly every make and model of lift truck.

But if you’re looking for a Yale forklift in Indiana, Tynan should be your #1 source, as we are the only Yale-certified dealers and service providers in the entire state of Indiana.

Do forklift rentals come with maintenance plans?

Yes. All of our material handling rentals come standard with regular maintenance service for wear and tear.

For certain situations and long-term rentals, we are able to offer rentals without maintenance plans (similar to a lease, but without all the paperwork required for a lease). This results in a lower monthly expense, but does not cover any regular service, repairs, or maintenance.

What do Tynan’s rental forklifts come with?

Tynan’s electric forklifts come standard with one battery and one charger. For battery cycling or multiple shifts, you’ll need to rent extra batteries and possibly extra chargers.

For propane forklifts, we’re able to rent out as many fuel tanks as you need, or you can use your own.

Any attachments, including clamps, specialty forks, drum handlers, or cages, will need to be rented separately from your forklift as well.

Does Tynan rent out other material handling equipment?

Absolutely! We partner with material handling manufacturers and other suppliers in the region to make sure you can get all of your rental equipment at the same low rate. With Tynan, rent your forklifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, motorized pallet jacks, and personnel carriers all in one go and save money while doing it.

What are Tynan’s rental terms for forklifts?

Almost all of our forklift rental terms are negotiable, based on your credit and the nature of your projects. Whether your contract will last a week, a month, or a year and a half, turn to Tynan for the highest quality rental forklifts in Indiana with unrivaled service and support.

Call 317-597-4003 with any of your Indiana forklift rental questions, and start taking your work potential to new heights.

Improve your material handling efficiency by renting the right forklift for your workspace.

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