Could My Indiana Business Use A Forklift Train-The-Trainer Course

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Forklift operator training is essential in Indiana for your operation to ensure that your forklifts run efficiently and safely.  When your operators are trained by certified experts, you should see your accident rate go down and your forklift lifespans go up.

But what do you do if your business has multiple locations in Indiana or you’re training operators on a consistent basis?  In these instances, you may want to consider a forklift train-the-trainer course in Indiana through your local dealer.

What Is A Forklift Train-The-Trainer Course?

There are many reasons why you need an operator trained: to obtain a forklift certification when your business just bought a new forklift, or you have a used forklift that’s new to you. Normally, you would schedule one or more training sessions with a certified dealer, like Tynan, and they would train at your site.  If you need training at a different location or additional operators trained at another time, you will have to schedule another session.

However, with a forklift train-the-trainer course in Indiana, you have the certified expert come and instruct one or more of your managers to become the forklift trainer.  That way, you can conduct multiple training courses in-house without relying on an outside schedule -- or paying for another outside consultant. The DVD included in the train-the-trainer course contains presentations AND all support documents including Instructor Guides, Question Sets, Certificates, Authorization Cards, and Operating Manuals. All these documents can be easily downloaded from the DVD to your personal computer. The participants in the train-the-trainer course will have everything they need to effectively teach operators how to safely work your company’s forklifts.

Does My Indiana Business Need A Forklift Train-The-Trainer Course?

There are a few different reasons a forklift train-the-trainer course could be right for your company:

  • You have multiple sites across Indiana: Your business could train an employee or two to be trainers that will travel to your sites whenever that particular location needs training.  Or you could train one manager per location to be the on-site trainer.

  • Your Business Has Consistent Turnover: For whatever reason, if your business has a steady influx of operators, it may be better to have your own trainers than to consistently schedule through your forklift dealer. 

  • Your business brings in temporary operators during busy times: As you hire seasonal workers, it may make sense to have an on-site trainer rather than the expense of an outside company.

What Could A Forklift Train-The-Trainer Course in Indiana Do For My Business?

In the right circumstances, a forklift training course can save your Indiana business time and money.  For instance, you can build a training session into your new employee orientation or use it for employees who have been involved in a safety incident.  Then you only need to schedule an outside forklift trainer when you get new equipment (or need more in-house trainers).

For larger companies, you may see that you have training sessions two or three times a quarter.  With the flexibility and cost-savings that come from your own in-house trainer, it could be a difference-maker in how you run your operation. 

Tynan Can Help You with Your Forklift Train-The-Trainer Courses

If you’re looking for a train-the-trainer course in Indiana, call on Tynan.  Our experts will help you evaluate your needs and will come to your site to provide the right training programs.  Just call (317) 620-1021 and we can help you set up a train-the-trainer program.

Trainer looking over Tynan Equipment.

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