Tynan Equipment Celebrates Indiana History & Family


Since its founding by Joseph B. Tynan in 1960, Tynan Equipment Company has been Indiana’s local supplier for forklifts and machinery for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve come to learn that it’s not diesel or electricity that powers our machines and Indiana businesses–it’s family.

To celebrate and thank the entire Tynan Equipment family, from those who have been with us for decades to the newest members, we hosted the first Tynan Equipment Company picnic at the Indianapolis Zoo this past month. Take a look at the awesome festivities, and see why family is such a driving force behind our Indiana business.

The Tynan Company Picnic - Fun For The Whole Family

When choosing a venue for our company picnic, we had to pick somewhere that would be family-friendly, with lots of activities for any Tynan team member with children or grandchildren. That made the Indianapolis Zoo the perfect place to celebrate, with ample opportunity for all employees to have an enjoyable day with their families. Delicious food, an airbrush tattoo station, free zoo animal feeding tickets and more were all provided to ensure a memory-packed day for everyone.

Thanks to a few special sponsors, we were also able to host a raffle, with gifts for everybody in attendance. The day was a huge success and loads of fun, making it something we want to repeat every year!

Our Indiana Family Bridges Our Past And Future

Zoos, food, and raffles are a lot of fun, but the real star of the day was exactly what’s at the heart of Tynan Equipment Company: family. The focus of the entire day was to show everyone at Tynan the appreciation of their hard work and dedication from our owners and management.

Over the past decades, our forklift company has evolved from a majority long-tenured staff employed for several years to a more widespread talent who have joined more recently and who are the future of Tynan Equipment. As we grow now and in the future, it’s more important than ever to show dedication to the importance we place on family, and the company picnic was just one of many ways in which we’re doing so.

Want To Join The Tynan Equipment Family?

Everyone who helps us stay in business, from our employees to our customers, is part of the Tynan family. If you’re interested in joining the Tynan family, take a look at Careers at Tynan. For more information on Indiana forklifts and heavy machinery, check out the Tynan Equipment Blog on ways our family might be able to help yours.

Tynan Equipment Company employees and families arrive to the picnic tent at the Indianapolis Zoo.

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