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When you need industrial cleaning supplies and industrial cleaning equipment in Indiana, turn to Tynan.  We have hospital-grade disinfectant, scrubber-sweeper, and many different leasing and renting options.

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Get the Industrial Cleaning Supplies and Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Indiana to Keep Your Business Running Strong

In order to keep your employees and business safe, Tynan offers a range of industrial cleaning supplies and industrial cleaning equipment in Indiana.  The hospital-grade disinfectant will help keep your floors and surfaces clear of germs and viruses.  Then keep your floors clean with heavy-duty scrubbers from Powerboss.  We offer many options to buy, lease, or rent, and can help your Indiana operation find the best cleaning options for you.

Viral Disinfectant Clears Surfaces Of Viruses And Germs

Wiping down surfaces in your warehouse or business takes industrial cleaning supplies that can help you combat different viruses, bacteria, and germs.  We offer a hospital-grade disinfectant, 64 Millennium Q, that’s effective against contagious pathogens including novel coronavirus, influenza, adenovirus, and more.  This powerful solution can be mixed for all types of surfaces including desktops, tables, light switches, doorknobs, or anyplace that’s high touch.

Your Indianapolis company can get a jump start on cleaning through our Deluxe Viral Disinfection Kit

This kit includes:
  • 1 viral disinfection concentrate 64 Millennium Q (makes 4 full quarts of hospital-grade disinfectant)
  • 1 mixing bottle
  • 4 empty quart bottles with trigger sprayers
  • 4 microfiber towels

Then turn to Tynan to replenish your disinfectant with concentrate refills.

Easily Disinfect Hard To Reach Areas

While cleaning surfaces with a spray bottle and towel is fair easily, you should also disinfect those areas that are harder to reach by hand.  This includes tight spaces like under racks or behind storage bins.  Or reach those high areas, such as shelving where products are stored.

For these surfaces, your Indiana company can use the DS2 Powered Applicator.  This disinfecting sprayer has a 2-gallon tank and a spray hose that can attach to a 25 ft. extension wand.  Its user-friendly design is lightweight and rolls across the floor for even spraying of large areas.  And it works wonderfully with the same 64 Millennium Q disinfecting formula you use for surface cleaning. 

Health And Safety Starts On The Floor Of Your Indiana Business

The largest high-touch area in your worksite is your floor.  Foot traffic trudges all sorts of grime and gunk from the outside, while forklift tires ground that dirt into the surface.  It’s no wonder why the floor can be tough to completely clean.  To help you keep your floor clear of virus, bacteria, and outside debris, Tynan offers a variety of scrubbers and sweepers from Powerboss. Whether you need a riding scrubber-sweeper or a hand-powered mopper, we have the Indiana industrial cleaning equipment that will work in your space.

Our most popular models include:

The Nautilus:

High powered vacuum suction and heavy-duty scrubbing can rip stubborn build-up off any floor surface. The riding scrubber features an easy-to-empty hopper and can cover 50,000 square feet/hr.  Lease-to-own starting at $880.21/month.

Scrubmaster B175:

This riding scrubber has a thin frame, so you can easily navigate around racks or tight spaces.  Covers up to 35,000 square feet/hour and is easy-to-operate.  Lease-to-own starting at $451.50/month.

Phoenix 26:

The walk-behind scrubber features cylindrical brush decks and integrated sweeping. The duel motors ensure that you get an even, effective scrub every time out.  Lease-to-own starting at $204.21/month.

EZ Mop:

The EZ Mop is a high-powered step up from a standard hand mop.  Cleaning at a width of 16 inches, the EZ Mop is perfect for bathrooms, entryways, or loading areas that need a clean surface.  Lease-to-own starting at $104.24/month.

All leases come with a monthly supply of EPA registered disinfectant until the end of 2020.

Tynan Offers Different Purchasing Options On All Industrial Cleaning Equipment In Indiana

Your company has plenty of purchasing options when it comes to our Indiana Industrial Cleaning Equipment. You can purchase outright and we’ll help you customize your scrubber to fit your needs.  We also offer traditional leases and lease-to-own options.  If you need an industrial cleaner immediately, we have many long-term and short-term rentals available at all our four locations. 

Call Tynan Today For Your Cleaning Needs

Tynan is one of the top dealerships for industrial cleaning equipment in Indiana, and we want to help your business to stay clean and safe. Whether you need a hospital-grade disinfectant or a new ride-on scrubber-sweeper, we can make sure your company gets exactly what you need. Call us at 317-579-4003 to discuss your forklift rental schedule and to reserve your equipment today.