How To Operate Your Motorized Pallet Jack

Forklift Operator Safety

It may seem easy to use a motorized walker or rider pallet jack. But if you don’t follow the operation instructions, you’re likely to damage the property and cause injury to yourself and others, just as you would with heavier equipment like forklifts.

Follow the steps below to ensure that you’re using an electric pallet jack safely to move pallets and loads across your Indiana warehouse or plant floor.

Steps To Operating Your Motorized Pallet Jack

  1. Unplug the motorized pallet jack from its charger.
  2. Lower the forks to the ground using the release on the handle.
  3. Use the controls on the handle to maneuver the pallet jack. Most pallet jacks will have push buttons to control functions such as how fast the forks are lifted. Each brand and model of pallet jacks may have slightly different controls. Refer to the owner’s manual for a detailed description.
    1. Push the forward buttons to move forward. If you want to go backward, press the reverse button.
    2. If your motorized pallet jack has a wheel for a handle, all you have to do to maneuver it is to steer.
  4. Line up the forks of the pallet truck with the pallet.
  5. Move forward to slide the forks into the pallet openings.
  6. Use the controls to lift the load off the ground. Unlike non-motorized pallet jacks, you don’t have to manually pump these motorized ones.
  7. Press the forward buttons and use the handle to accelerate. Direct the electric pallet jack to the location where you want to unload the pallet.
  8. Once you’ve arrived to the spot where you want to unload the pallet, come to a complete stop before lowering the forks. Usually, there’s an easily accessible brake button on the handle you can press.
  9. Lower the forks to the ground all the way.
  10. Move the pallet jack backward to remove the forks from the openings.

Now, you’re ready to pick up the next load!

When you’re done using the motorized pallet jack, maneuver it back to the charging station and plug it in. That way, it’s powered for the next use.

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