What Should You Look for in an Indiana Forklift Repair Center?

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If your Indiana operation doesn’t already have a trusted forklift mechanic on speed-dial, you might want to find one before you face a serious forklift malfunction. You want to work with someone local who has experience repairing different types of material handling equipment and understands the importance of a quick turnaround. Here are some other things to look for in an Indiana forklift repair center that you might not have thought of if you haven’t used one before.

Does Your Indiana Forklift Repair Center Use Certified Technicians?

There are many talented mechanics out there, but if you want to ensure your forklift is repaired correctly, you’ll want it worked on by a certified technician. And it goes to say that the more rigorous training results in a higher-level technician.  

The benefit of using certified technicians is that they are familiar with the new features of your preferred brand of forklift.  They are up to date with the evolving technology and can quickly get you up and running without shortcuts or jerry-rigging.  Of course, a certified technician also understands older used forklift models and is up to date on any known warranty or recall information that you may need for your forklift repair.

Is Your Indiana Forklift Repair Center Available 24/7?

When your Indiana operation has tight deadlines, being a forklift short can be challenging. A responsive forklift repair service can get you back on schedule. Look for one that offers 24/7, same-day service so that no matter what time of day your forklift breaks down, you can get it fixed and ready for the next shift quickly.

Will Your Indiana Forklift Repair Center Come to You? 

It isn’t easy to transport a forklift to your local Indiana forklift repair center -- especially when it won’t start. Instead, look for one that offers on-site service and will come to you. This will save you the time and stress of taking your forklift to them when you may be already facing a time crunch at work. 

Does Your Forklift Repair Center Have Rental Forklifts Available?

Another convenient service to ask about is forklift rentals. If your forklift requires an extensive repair and the missing vehicle will put pressure on your fleet, it can be beneficial to rent a replacement forklift in the interim.  Then, when your Indiana repair center comes to diagnose your broken truck, they can bring the needed rental at the same time.

Let Tynan Be Your Indiana Forklift Repair Center

When a defective forklift threatens to disrupt your Indiana operations, Tynan has the team and expertise to repair your vehicle fast. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are available anytime to make on-site repairs for your convenience. Just call (317) 597-4003 and let us know how we can help.

An Indiana operation should always have a certified forklift mechanic on speed dial, in case there is an equipment malfunction.

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