What to do if your forklift overheats

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Your Indiana business relies on a forklift fleet that runs like a well-oiled machine. When one of your forklifts begins to overheat, it causes problems in all your day-to-day operations.

Luckily, small problems can be quickly diagnosed, and it shouldn’t take long to know if you’ll need some extensive forklift maintenance. 

So, what should you do if your forklift overheats?

Do a routine maintenance check

The minute you see that your forklift is overheating, stop what you’re doing and park your forklift in a safe spot. Then perform the same safety checklist that you normally do before and after each shift. Pay special attention to coolant levels and hoses. Even if they looked good, there could have been an undiagnosed leak that suddenly sprung. Also check your filters, as debris and dust can clog the intake and cause your trucks to overheat.

If everything looks fine, then dig a bit deeper and look for damage to the radiator or fans. Most overheating problems can be diagnosed looking for these problems. If everything checks out, then you may have a larger, internal problem. With these issues, it may be best to call the certified experts at Tynan for a full diagnostic.

Keep your area clean

A lot of the time, an overheating forklift is because of dust and debris. Either the debris clogs an air filter, or a sharp piece can flip up and nick a hose causing a leak.

If your area is consistently swept and cleaned, you can keep dust and debris to a minimum. It may be tough to keep dust-free if your work area is outside, but you can still make sure that there are not any pallet wrap, papers, or wood splinters lying about. The cleaner you keep your area, the better your forklift will run.

Also, take extra care making sure your fluid levels are acceptable. The Indiana weather can be rough on machines, especially in summer. Dust, dirt, and pollen can easily clog an air filter, and a 90° day won’t help matters. On hot days, you may want to give your trucks an extra break or two to keep their internal temperature down.

Make sure the forklift is doing the right job

Your forklift may also overheat because the machine is being overworked. When you carry loads over its recommended capacity, the work can strain the engines. If you are stretching the limit, you should think about reconfiguring your work schedules or find another forklift that is more suited for the job. Perhaps it's time to reevaluate your fleet and purchase a forklift that can better carry those loads.

Careless operation can induce overheating in a forklift. When an operator drives too fast, rides the brakes, or overuses the inching pedal, your trucks pay the price. Make sure your all your operators understand how their habits affect the engines, and invest in some forklift training when you upgrade to more advanced models.

Tynan can help you with your overheating forklifts

If your forklift keeps overheating and you can’t find the cause, just call your local Tynan dealer. Our expert technicians will diagnose the problem and give you all the tools to find an acceptable solution. Just call (317) 597-4003 and get help for your overheating forklifts today!

Learn what to do if your forklift overheats.

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