3 Signs Your Forklift Needs Service

Forklift Service

Has it been more that six months since your forklift has been serviced? That’s your first sign to take it in for maintenance at a service center in Indiana.

Six months amounts to almost 250 hours of usage. It might even be more hours if you’re running your truck more than average. Forklift manufacturers recommend regular maintenance between three and six months to inspect for potential problems. This prevents damage to other parts of the machine as well.

Regular maintenance is great at detecting problems that haven’t yet surfaced. But what about ones that you can see. What should you be paying attention to?

Here are three signs your forklift needs service.

Forks Are Worn

The forks can get worn or bent as they’re picking up, transporting, and unloading pallets. If the fork is damaged, it can’t optimally transport the load. And this increases the chance you’ll drop the load and damage the items in transport.

When you notice surface cracks, misalignment, or dents in the fork, take the truck out of service. Then, use a fork wear caliper to measure the the heel and the blade for wear. If the caliper measures 10 percent wear, fork capacity is being reduced by 20 percent. And it’s time to replace the fork.

Chain Is Damaged

Forklift chains can endure almost 6,000 hours of work when properly lubricated. If you see any signs of rust, corrosion, or kinking, the chain needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the chain might fail and damage the forklift - and the load it’s carrying.

You’ll also want to look for wear on link plates, pinheads, and elongation of the chain. Any of these signs can mean that the forklift chain is damaged, and that the forklift needs servicing.

Oil Is Leaking

Your lift truck can leave a visible trail of oil on the floor in the case of a leak. This creates a hazard for other forklifts and can result in pedestrians slipping and falling. An oil leak means less oil is available to lubricate the mast as it is extended. And the increased friction and temperature is likely to destroy other parts of the forklift.

Some forklift drivers may opt to add more oil as a cheaper alternative to repairing the actual cause of the oil leak. This is highly discouraged because an oil leak can be a warning signal of future hydraulic system failures. It’s best to address these issues now before they lead to major repairs and employee injuries.

Learn More About Forklift Repairs In Indiana

Repairing forks, chains, and oil leaks should be done by a trained forklift professional to comply with safety regulations. Tynan offers both regular forklift maintenance and repair services. Learn more about forklift repairs in Indiana.

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