Why Your Indiana Facility Needs A Rider Scrubber

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When you want to clean your facility in central Indiana, you might first think of grabbing a mop and a bucket or a walk behind scrubber.

But if you have more than 20,000 square feet of floor to clean, you’ll be spending more time and labor than is actually feasible.

That’s when it’s time to consider a rider scrubber for your Indiana business.

Reduced Labor Costs

Most warehouse managers and business owners are cost conscious. And when you factor in all the savings, using a rider scrubber in your Indiana facility is a no-brainer.

Let’s consider a facility that is 200,000 square feet. When you factor in compensation and benefits, an employee’s true hourly burden may be $35. Assigning him to cleaning tasks means that he won’t be fulfilling your production needs. At $35/hour, this employee cleaning 5 days a week with a mop or a walk behind scrubber quickly adds up.

When you buy a large capacity rider scrubber, you might have a substantial upfront cost. But this floor cleaning equipment can clean the entire floor in a day. That’s one 8 hour shift you’d have to pay for. Not a full work week.

A large rider scrubber is more cost effective in the long run. And you start seeing those savings within a year of purchase.

So when the cost and time spent on cleaning matters, rider scrubbers are a cost effective solution.

Increased Water & Soap Efficiency

Rider scrubbers have larger storage tanks to hold more water and soap than other scrubbers. This means that there’s less running back and forth to refill the water and soap container. So your employee is spending their time cleaning the floor instead of refilling the tank.

Many rider scrubbers also have automated solution dispensing features so that you only use the soap you need, saving on soap costs.

Buy A Rider Scrubber In Indiana Today

The most effective and durable rider scrubbers in Indiana are available from PowerBoss. Our floor cleaning equipment experts assess your facility and recommend a rider scrubber to fit your needs. Contact us at 317-597-4003 to buy a rider scrubber in Indiana today!

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