The Benefits of Walk-Behind Floor Sweepers for Indiana Buildings

Walk Behind Sweepers Floor Cleaning Equipment Featured

Walk-behind sweepers and floor cleaners lie somewhere on the spectrum between traditional handheld floor cleaners such as mops, and riding floor cleaners. That position gives walk-behind sweepers a unique niche in keeping Indiana warehouses, corporate buildings, schools and more clean and safe.

Here are some of the most unique benefits of walk-behind sweepers. If these line up with what your building needs, call 317-597-4003 to talk to a Tynan Equipment representative today about how to lease or own one for your organization.

Walk-Behind Sweepers Reduce Time Spent Cleaning

The most obvious benefit of walk-behind sweepers is how easy they make floor cleaning when compared to traditional manual cleaning methods. Cleaning jobs that may have taken several hours before can be reduced to a fraction of that with a new push sweeper.

Sweepers Reduces The Toil On Your Maintenance Staff

Similar to reducing time spent cleaning over traditional cleaning tools, walk-behind sweepers make floor cleaning a relative breeze, especially if you choose a self-propelled model such as the Powerboss Collector-34. Push sweepers can keep your maintenance staff fresh for bigger and more important projects throughout the workday.

Walk-Behind Sweepers Are Quiet

Walking sweepers also have certain benefits over rider-operated floor cleaners. For example, walk-behind sweepers tend to make much less noise compared to their riding counterparts. This can be especially important for certain buildings such as corporate offices, schools, public buildings, and more.

Walk-Behind Sweepers Are Maneuverable

Another benefit push sweepers have over rider sweepers is in their maneuverability. Operators of rider floor scrubbers know how difficult it can be to navigate corners and reach tight spaces. With walk-behind sweepers, neither corners nor tight corridors are a problem as the sweeper is just as maneuverable as the person operating it. That means you can turn on a dime and hit all those hard-to-reach spots.

Walk-Behind Sweepers are Moveable

Say you need to do a cleaning job offsite from your normal business. How would you get a huge rider floor sweeper to that other site? It’s a head-scratcher for sure, and the answer probably involves some heavy-duty truck, trailer or other vehicles that can be a hassle. However, say you have a walk-behind sweeper–you could easily lift it into the back of a truck and be on your way to the site. Never underestimate the convenience of smaller equipment!

Walk-Behind Sweepers Are Available Right Now

Ready to see what a new or used walk-behind sweeper could do for your Indiana business? If so, call Tynan Equipment Company at 317-597-4003 today to get in touch with an equipment professional and learn about all your options for walking floor cleaners and more.

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