When To Rent Cleaning Equipment

Indiana businesses with large store footprints, warehouses and mess-generating operations know that cleanliness is truly next to Godliness—especially when it comes to employee safety and specific industry regulatory compliance.

So how do you know when it’s time to rent cleaning equipment, as opposed to either buying it outright, or simply “keep doing what you’re doing” with mops, buckets and push brooms?

The answer lies first in the simple cost-of-doing-business math – but as you will see, it doesn’t end there.

Each Business Is Different. So Too Is The Level Of Need For Industrial Cleaning Equipment.

If you don’t currently have full time staff dedicated to site cleaning, either as a full-time job or as part of a defined set of job tasks, then you are potentially a candidate for cleaning equipment rental. The reason? Simple math.

If an equipment rental can reduce the amount of time (weekly and monthly) associates spend on floor and site cleaning tasks, all you really need to determine is whether or not the cost of the rental, plus the significantly reduced hourly pay investment, is LESS than or equal to what it currently costs to pay the employee to complete their tasks manually.

But there is more to renting industrial vacuums, walk-behind or rider sweepers, rider scrubbers, or combination rider sweepers/scrubbers, than doing math. The actual demands of the environment your business occupies, coupled with maintaining required or regulated standards must also be taken into account.

For Scheduled Inspections, Routine Maintenance And Employee Gratitude.

You know your operation best. How often does it need to be cleaned in a professional manner? How often are you routinely (or by surprise) inspected by regulatory agencies or interests? What potential ancillary benefits can be realized by regularly renting powered equipment to occasionally replace manual cleaning processes?

In some instances, maintaining a deeper-cleaned environment can reduce accident rates over time and lower business insurance premiums. What’s more? Renting equipment every now and then can create greater business pride—your staff recognizes that you, the owner, understand the job of cleaning, and that sometimes even the strongest employees could use a break from its backbreaking nature.

And with the proper training on rental equipment, associates become more valuable employees to you—both now and in the future should you ever realize the need for cleaning equipment purchase.

And finally? Push sweepers, ride along scrubbers and ride along sweepers – when properly trained upon and safely operated – are pretty darn fun to use.

Find Out If Renting Equipment Is Right For You

The choice is yours based on your unique situation

as an Indiana business. But we hope

you’ve seen it’s not all a matter of math.

While the savings you realize from renting industrial floor cleaning

equipment might be substantial over time, there are other benefits you need to

consider before ignoring equipment rental as an occasionally necessary cost of

doing good business.

Learn more about what Tynan can bring to your business site-cleaning table.

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