Choosing the Right Forklift for Your Indiana Retail Operation

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Whether you’re Big Box or independently owned, your retail operation is reliant on picking the perfect Indiana forklift for your situation. The right forklift will help you move pallets efficiently, with no awkward maneuvers or damage.

However, as your business grows, your current forklift may not fit your current needs. Your forklift may be too wide for your remodeled aisles, racking changes may be high for your lift, and those pneumatic tires are damaging your indoor floors. Even that rear-seated rider truck may be too much machine when all you need is a hand pallet jack -- especially since it is mostly used by seasonal workers.

So just what should you consider when getting a forklift for your Indiana retail operation?

You need inside-friendly equipment

Before you start to decide which model of forklift you need, know that there are some constants that you should keep in mind. If your space is indoors, you will want cushioned forklift tires. Cushioned tires are made from smooth, solid rubber, and have a smaller turn radius than pneumatic tires. Also, you're going to want an electric engine, so exhaust fumes don’t flood your indoor space.

Every space is different

Just like snowflakes and fingerprints, every retail space had its own physical makeup. For example, you may have a small amount of space between aisles and want a narrow-aisle forklift so you can better navigate turns. If your racks are especially high, then a reach truck or stacker may be what you need. Whatever you decide is going to hinge on aisle distance, rack height, and anticipated traffic flow.

Your employees have unique needs

Just like you need to know your space, you also need to know your employees. Your workload may fluctuate with the seasons, and so may your staffing needs. Perhaps a motorized hand truck works better with your crew than the end rider truck with a fully programmable control system. Your workers may also offer their own suggestions and have a group preference of sit-down versus stand-up forklifts.

Don’t forget to clean up

No matter what forklift you decide, you are going to want some modern cleaning equipment. Scuffed floors and tire marks are hard to clean with conventional methods, and scrubber-sweepers can keep them looking radiant with less mess and quicker drying times.

Of course, Tynan offers various models of cleaning machines, from large riding scrubber sweepers to walk behind sweepers. The same decision model for space and employee training should also influence this purchase.

What forklift will you choose for your Indiana retail needs?

Choosing the right forklift for your Indiana retail organization can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, Tynan Equipment Company has extensive expertise in helping you identify the best option for your space, workforce, and budget. Call us today at 317-597-4003, and we will help find the right option for you and your Indiana retail operation

Forklift in Indiana retail warehouse

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