Specialty Forklifts For Unique Indiana Material Handling Demands

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Specialty Forklifts In Indiana For Material Handling Demands

When it comes to moving products and materials around, being able to do more with your forklifts can make a measurable difference in time saved and money earned. Specialty forklifts are designed to handle more of your unique offload, staging, storage or material handling challenges than ever before.

Some common specialty lifts in Indiana include telescopic boom forklifts, narrow-aisle electric forklifts, and even explosion-proof forklifts for hazardous environments. Each offers specific advantages that can save time and increase efficiency in the yard, warehouse or on the job site.

Here are three examples of specialty forklifts currently at work for Indiana businesses.

Telescopic Boom Forklifts Put Faster Offloads – And More – Within Reach

The JCB Teletruck by Sellick allows an experienced, trained operator to save time and money by loading or unloading flatbed trailers from a single side. Available in two or four-wheel drive models, Teletruck features a lift capacity of up to 7,000 pounds with a forward-extendible telescopic boom reach of up to 10 feet – based on the model you choose. Optional, quick-change bucket attachments and a 111° carriage tilt add load versatility and extra capability to this workhorse.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts With Broad Warehouse Advantages

The Bendi Front Wheel Drive Articulating Warehouse Forklift does a lot of work in a small amount of space – with proven efficiency in aisles as narrow as 72” (1.8M). With a narrow mast, 200° articulating front, and lift heights available up to 30’ (9.14M), Bendi’s model B3/30AC can do all the jobs of a traditional reach truck, in aisles up to 40” more narrow. And since the Bendi works inside or out on paved surfaces, it pulls double duty as a traditional counterbalance truck and a narrow aisle wonder.

A Specialty For Every Challenge: Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Recently we had the opportunity to special order the FL40-EX Explosion-Proof Forklift from Landoll Drexel for a customer that needed a truck that would not generate any kind of static electricity, due to some highly volatile material they worked with. With an insulated battery, brass-coated forks and static-grounded steer tires, the 4-wheel FL40-EX is UL listed for operation in Type EX Class I, Division I, Group D and Class II, Division I, Group G flammable hazardous areas. Needless to say, it was just the ticket to spark the customer’s interest.

Tynan Brings Variety & Due Diligence To Indiana’s Specialty Forklift Needs

Whether it’s extending capacity within a narrow aisle environment, finding new ways to load or offload more efficiently, or deploying explosion-proof forklifts in hazardous environments, Tynan has the specialty forklift experience today’s fast-paced intermodal environments need to keep business booming.

Tynan Equipment offers versatile specialty forklifts for a variety of lift challenges and work environment considerations; plus high capacity forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts, tow tractors and a complete, diverse line of traditional trucks and accessories. Let’s talk forklifts— contact a Tynan Service Representative today.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts Line an Indiana Warehouse Wall

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