Selecting A Floor Cleaning Machine for your Indiana business


If your floors get dirty more than what a mop and bucket can attack, then you’ll need some sort of floor cleaning machine for your Indiana business. It may be a sweeper that quickly removes dust and debris from a warehouse floor, or you may need a heavy-duty scrubber that provides a high shine to your showroom. In the end, your floors need to feel clean so your operation keeps moving smoothly and looking great.

But there’s a lot of choices regarding cleaning equipment, and it could be hard to determine which machine to get. There both scrubbers and sweepers -- or even a combination unit. All types come in sitting or standing or walk-behind versions, and both scrubbers and sweepers have a variety of different models and brush sizes.

So what is the best floor cleaning machine for your Indiana business?

Choosing a scrubber or sweeper for your Indiana business

When determining what industrial cleaning supplies and equipment you should purchase, you may want to consider the following:

  • Debris Size: If your area has large or midsize debris that’s constantly covering the floor, you may want a sweeper.  Scrubbers are good at removing dirt and grit but may have trouble with heavier or sharp debris.  
  • Cleanliness Need: Scrubbers use water and cleaning solution to make the floors squeaky clean. This is great if you need a spotless area for customers, safety, or forklift tires. Sweepers will pick up debris but may leave some grit.  They work well for operations that have constant output of midsize or sharp debris, or in internal areas that are not typically seen by customers.
  • Maintenance Cost: Scrubbers are a more complex machine, and therefore are more expensive to maintain.  However, the best bet is to pick the cleaning machine that fits the needs of your Indiana business.  It doesn’t do any good to save a few bucks only to be unsatisfied with the results.

You may discover the decision is not an either/or choice.  In this case, you need both a scrubber and a sweeper in the form of a combination unit.  These generally are larger and more expensive, but the amount of time you save in man-hours may make up the difference.

Standing Vs. Sitting Vs. Walk-Behind Scrubbers And Sweepers

The decision between what type of scrubber or sweeper usually comes from the square footage of the area that needs to be cleaned.  For spot cleaning or if you have small, narrow aisles, a walk-behind machine may be what you need. To clean the complete warehouse, opt for a sitting scrubber or sweeper.  A standing or sitting unit can also utilize larger brush heads -- which means you can get your floors clean even faster.

For All Your Scrubber And Sweeper Questions, Just Ask Tynan

As you decide the best floor cleaning machine for your Indiana business, don’t forget to contact Tynan.  We have extensive experience in selling and maintaining scrubbers and sweepers, and we can help you find the perfect model for your circumstances.  Just call us at (317) 597-4003, and we can answer all your scrubber and sweeper questions.

There's many options for floor scrubbers for your Indiana business.

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