Stand-up Forklfits vs. Sit-down Forklifts for Indy Businesses

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Scenario: You’re in the market for a new forklift in Indianapolis. You know specifically that you need an electric lift truck with cushion tires that can lift loads up to 4,500 lbs. That narrows it down to two options in your budget, but one is a stand-up forklift and one is a sit-down forklift.

So then comes the question of which do you choose: the stand-up forklift vs. the sit-down forklift?

Take a look and see which one is right for your operation, whether you’re looking to buy or rent forklifts in Indy.

The Case For Stand-Up Forklifts in Indiana

You’ll see stand-up forklifts used in very specific industries or cases. For example, retail stocking uses them almost exclusively. That’s because standing forklifts allow the operator to help move stock on and off the lift, and move around easily to navigate the tops of racks and mezzanines.

Standing forklifts are also typically easier to move around and maneuver around corners and in tight spaces. That makes them a natural fit for any company that employs narrow or very-narrow aisle (VNA) storage.

It’s also easier for the forklift operator to quickly survey their surroundings in a standing forklift, since they don’t have to crane their neck around to look. That makes standing lifts a slightly safer solution in workplaces with lots of blind corners, lots of activity, or with shelving that can obstruct views.

Overall, choose the standing forklift if maneuverability, easier racking and picking, and nuance in operating the forklift are your top priorities.

Why Choose Sit-Down Forklifts in Indiana

The biggest draw of sit-down forklifts is also the most obvious one: operators get to sit down. A fatigued forklift operator is one of the most dangerous things to have on a jobsite. So if you’re wanting several hours a day of floortime for your forklifts, there isn’t a choice to be made – you need a sit-down forklift. Sit-down forklifts are also more accessible to a wider pool of forklift operators for that reason. Someone who can’t stand for very long can still contribute to your team given the accessibility of a sit-down forklift.

The majority of sit-down lift trucks also have simpler controls than their stand-up counterparts. Sitting forklift controls mirror automobile controls with a steering wheel and hydraulic levers for the forklift mast. In a stand-up forklift, most often they require the use of a joystick which can present a learning curve to some operators.

Overall, a sit-down forklift is the right call for operations that need several hours of forklift work a day, or need to put their operator’s comfort, safety, and accessibility first.

Make The Right Call For Your New Forklifts

Whether you need to buy or rent a stand-up or sit-down forklift, Tynan Equipment Co. is here to help. Even if you aren’t sure exactly which model will best suit your needs, let’s talk. Call us at 317-597-4003 today to talk to one of our material handling equipment experts and let’s start solving your efficiency problems.

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