Why Your Indiana Operation Might Want To Switch To An Electric Forklift


When your Indiana business is looking to replace a forklift, you have a big decision to make.  Do you stick with an internal combustion forklift or switch to an electric forklift?

In the past, electric forklifts have had a reputation of costing more and not being as durable as a gas or diesel forklift.  However, when you peel back the hood, you’ll see that these myths are untrue, and shouldn't keep you from checking out what an electric forklift can do to your Indiana operation.

Switch to an Electric Forklift to Save Money In The Long Run

When doing an upfront cost analysis, you may find that an electric forklift has a larger price tag upfront than its internal combustion counterparts.  However, prices for a battery-powered truck have come down in the past years as they have become more popular. Once the initial sticker shock is over, switching to an electric forklift can start to save you money.  Fuel is undoubtedly one of the greatest costs for your Indiana operation, and it is one that compounds the larger your forklift fleet. Electric forklifts don’t use conventional fuel, so you can cut that line item out of your costs.  They do use electricity, but at a far cheaper rate than diesel or propane. Maintenance costs also go down (but we’ll get to that later).

Electric Forklifts Emit Fewer Fumes and Noise

With an electric forklift, you get zero emissions coming from a tailpipe, as there is no fuel to burn. The lack of emissions is perfect for inside warehouse work, and your workers will thank you for the clean air. The lack of emissions coming from an internal combustion engine is also a good way to reduce your Indiana operation’s carbon footprint.

They will also thank you for the reduced noise.  Without the internal combustion engine, driving becomes almost silent.  A quieter work zone -- especially inside -- can become a safer work zone, as your operators can now hear others as they shout instructions.  They might not even need earplugs because of the quieter working conditions. You can equip your forklift with special safety equipment such as a back-up alarm, pedestrian lights, and flashing strobe. These items will make sure that your forklift is still seen and heard when necessary to avoid any accidents.

Maintenance is Easier with an Electric Forklift

The average propane or diesel engine is composed of over 1,000 parts.  The average electric forklift is composed of just north of 400 parts. Fewer parts mean fewer opportunities for gears or belts to wear down.  This, of course, leads to fewer maintenance problems. Basically, when you lose the main part of an internal combustible forklift -- the engine -- there’s just less that can go wrong.

That’s not to say that electric forklifts are maintenance-free.  But, with a consistent planned maintenance schedule, your electric forklift should be running smoother and longer than its fossil fuel counterparts.  This adds up with less downtime, replacement costs, and repair costs, which is great for your Indiana operation’s bottom line.

Tynan Can Help You Switch to an Electric Forklift

Switching to an electric forklift won’t fix all your problems, but you definitely should give it a look.  Luckily, Tynan is your Indiana expert in electric forklifts and can help you find the perfect truck for your business.  Just call 317-597-4003 to see how your Indiana operation can switch to an electric forklift today!

Learn why your Indiana warehouse might want to make the switch to an electric forklift.

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