What Your Indiana Operation Should Know About Your Forklift Lease

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For many Indiana companies, leasing your forklift fleet becomes an attractive proposition.  Leasing can help you keep up with the evolving forklift trends and helps reduce the cost of replacing an old, broken-down truck.  If done right, a forklift lease can also help you in the accounting department.  

However, there are certain things to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Failure to understand the terms and conditions of a forklift lease can be costly to your company -- even more than having to replace an old and broken truck.

Why Your Indiana Business May Want to Lease a Forklift

Leasing a forklift can help your Indiana organization in many ways:

  • Low monthly payments: A lease depends on a few factors, but as long as you stay within the term agreements for hours and usage, you could save some cash per month.  You can even pre-pay the entire lease upfront!

  • Easy Fleet Management: When you sign your forklift lease, you decide how many hours your forklift will work and how many years you’ll use the truck. After the lease expires, you can buy the forklift outright, buy a new truck, or lease another forklift as a replacement.  There’s no need to sell your old forklift after you are done with it, as it will go right back to the dealer. Plus, you know exactly how long your leased truck will last, which makes it easier to stagger your fleet.

  • Forklifts get replaced before they break down: Depending on your forklift lease terms, your Indiana operation gets to use the forklifts typically for between 3-5 years.  The chance of a major maintenance problem is diminished because your forklifts won’t be subjected to too much wear and tear. Once the truck starts looking a little ragged, it’s probably the end of your lease and time to upgrade anyway.

Top 3 Things to Decide Before You Sign Your Lease

Before you sign on the dotted line, you’re going to want to decide how your Indiana company will use the forklift.  Here’s a quick list of things you should think about:

  • Hours: One of the main variables in a forklift lease is how many hours you plan on running the machine.  The more hours per month you agree to, the higher the monthly payment.

  • Tires, engine, and attachments: You might be able to alter a forklift after it’s delivered, but that will be an extra cost.  Make sure you know exactly what the forklift will be used for and what extras you will need to get the job done. If you go through Tynan, we will help you decide so you are less likely to end up getting an ineffective truck.

  • Understand the penalties: A forklift lease can be beneficial to your organization, except when you violate the terms of the lease. Going over hours allotments or trading in early come with a monetary penalty attached.  Sometimes these penalties can be harsh if you’re not careful, so make sure you know the limits of the lease -- and stay within them if all possible. 

Tynan Is Indiana’s Top Dealership For Forklift Leases

A forklift lease can be a smart way for your Indiana company to manage its fleet. And Tynan is Indiana’s most trusted forklift dealership for forklift leases.  Call our experts today at 317-579-4003, and we can help you see if a lease is right for you. 

Tynan forklift equiptment for lease.

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