3 Forklift Parts To Replace Regularly

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You hear grinding gears, you smell strange exhaust - something’s not quite right with your forklift. Even with regular preventative maintenance, parts of your lift truck can wear down, regardless of their workload or “pedal hours.” That’s why it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that can signal that your forklift needs a part replaced.

So get on a dedicated forklift service schedule and get to know the most common replacement part needs and their warning signs.

Forklift Brakes & Tires

There’s a lot of stress put on your forklift where the rubber meets the road. That can result in extreme wear in your tires, brake shoes, and the bearings around your wheels. Worst of all, a sudden problem occurring with your forklift tires or brakes can cause an accident resulting in serious damage and injury. Thankfully, the signs of tire and brake wear are fairly easy to spot. Here’s what to be on the lookout for:

  • Unusual sounds - Squeaking tires can be a sign of a bad wheel bearing or a tire beginning to separate from the rim. Grinding upon braking is typically a sign of a worn brake shoe.
  • Visual signs of wear - Cracking or balding tires are signs that they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Forklift Mast Parts

Your forklift mast is made up of several individual pieces, some requiring more care than others. From the mast rollers to the lift chain to the tips of the fork, each part needs to work in tandem to keep your lift truck at peak performance. One or more of these parts wearing down or becoming uneven across the mast can result in sudden drops or accidents, or further damage to your entire forklift. Be aware of these common warning signs from your mast:

  • Metal-on-metal contact - If you hear grinding sounds when raising or lowering the lift, or can see marks from metal scraping against metal, you’ll need to replace or readjust your rollers and bearings.
  • Uneven forks - Fork tips that aren’t parallel can be a sign of multiple problems such as uneven lift assemblies or simply bent tines that need replaced.
  • Lift operation moving slowly or not going as high as it should.

Forklift Air & Oil Filters

If you’re familiar with automobiles, the dangers and signs of old, worn-out filters on a forklift will be all too familiar to you. If not replaced, bad oil and air filters can damper the performance of your engine, decrease fuel economy, and cause your forklift to work harder overall. In addition to regularly replacing these filters, be on the lookout for:

  • Smells - If you regularly get a heavy whiff of fuel from your engine, especially when starting or stopping it, it may be filter-related.
  • Decreased fuel performance - If you notice diminishing returns from the same amount of fuel, the likely culprit is an old and worn filter.
  • Exhaust issues - Thick, dark exhaust expelled by your lift usually points to a bad air filter.

How To Replace Forklift Parts

For part replacements any more complex than a simple air filter swap, a professional forklift technician is your best bet to fix any issue you have. Call Tynan Equipment Co. for all your Indiana forklift needs at 317-597-4003 if you begin to see any of these warning signs.

Servicing your forklift can prevent common problems that can cost your Indiana business time and money.

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