Why Buy A Previously Leased Forklift


After looking at all the variables, you have decided that you need to buy a used forklift for your Indiana business.  It just makes sense, based on your workload and the budget you have to spend.  Unfortunately, buying a used forklift can be unnerving, especially considering everything that could go wrong.  

Buying a used forklift can come with a lot of uncertainty.  It is one thing to know the model and the hours worked, but with a used forklift, you also need to know the maintenance and accident history, any modifications it received, and if the forklift is even suitable for your warehouse needs.  You should also check a used forklift for cracks, wear, and rust that can form on the forks, tires, or engine. For these reasons, a forklift that just came off lease may be the best used forklift available.

Previously Leased Forklifts Come With A History

The most popular forklift leases last between 36 – 60 months.  After the lease expires, the forklift is usually traded in for a new model with a new leasing contract.  During the lease, owners have to stick to a defined set of usage conditions.  That’s good news, as the leased forklift shouldn’t be overworked, even if it was a heavy-use machine.

Leasing restrictions may include hours worked, load qualifications, or even maintenance requirements.  Failure to comply with the lease terms can result in monetary penalties. Businesses that want to keep costs down on their leases will keep under the restrictions, which will leave the forklifts in good working order when they are returned.  Therefore, when a previously leased forklift is sold, it should never be on its last leg.

Many Leases Come With A Maintenance Plan

One of the biggest fears in buying a used forklift is wondering if it will hold up once it leaves the lot.  Nobody wants a lemon, and it doesn’t help if a lift chain happens to be rusted out or a positioning hook is bent.  Of course, you should fully inspect any used forklifts before you buy, but sometimes it’s tough to identify a problem if you don’t use a certified technician.

Luckily, the trend is to pair a forklift lease with a scheduled maintenance plan.  A maintenance plan ensures that the forklift receives inspections at set intervals, specifically to look for small problems before they become big problems.  Both dealers and operators want the forklift to run perfectly throughout the leasing period, leaving it in usable condition when it’s sold to its next owner. Plus, when you buy a used forklift that had a scheduled maintenance plan, you have a paper trail of all the repairs made, so you know what to look for.   

Previously Leased Forklifts Are Best Bought At Tynan

When a forklift comes off lease -- and after you buy that previously leased forklift at Tynan -- we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation covering the drive train, brakes, hydraulics, tires, and forks. We’ll replace anything that doesn’t measure up to our quality and then do another full test to make sure everything works the way it should.  We’ll even give it a new paint job. Just call 317-597-4003, and we’ll find you the perfect previously leased forklift for your Indiana business.

Previously leased forklifts have many advantages.

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