5 Indiana Warehouse Cleaning Tips


In a busy Indiana warehouse, cleaning is easy to forget. But you don’t want to let dirt and debris get out of hand. A dirty warehouse is an unpleasant place to work. It slows down productivity and creates safety hazards.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your warehouse cleaning, try these five tips for Indiana operations like yours.

1. Buy a Sweeper or a Sweeper-Scrubber for the Floors

    Dirt, debris, and spills on warehouse floors can cause people to slip and fall. You can prevent injuries by keeping floors clean with an industrial sweeper or scrubber-sweeper.

    Industrial power sweepers sweep up dust and trash off the floor and collect it in bins. Depending on your warehouse's size, you can use a walk-behind sweeper or a larger rider sweeper. Both clean floors faster and better than a push broom and dustpan.

    For grime that sticks to your warehouse floor, use a combination sweeper-scrubber that lifts heavy debris while powerfully scrubbing your floor. When used regularly, these machines keep your warehouse floor clean and safe for work.  

    2. Make Sure You Use High-grade Disinfectants

      Cleaning goes beyond the grime you can see. Disinfecting work surfaces kills germs that make people sick. Using powerful disinfectants can reduce employee sick days and promote better productivity. These benefits translate into excellent costs-savings for your business.

      In a warehouse, cleaning with standard soap and water is not effective. You must use high-grade disinfectants that kill bacteria and viruses in a matter of minutes. When disinfecting, target high-touch surfaces where germs are more prevalent and spray and wipe them down.

      3. Rotate Inventory Regularly

        Have you ever seen a dusty bookcase that no one ever touches? When inventory goes untouched for months or even years, it collects dust and debris that can ruin products and contaminate the air in your warehouse.

        Regularly rotating inventory keeps dust from settling and allows your staff to clean behind things so that dirt doesn't build up. They can also declutter old stock to make room for new. Keeping things tidy and clean makes work more efficient and the work environment more pleasant.

        4. Follow a Regular Cleaning Regimen

          Your Indiana warehouse cleaning will become easier if you do it regularly. The more often you clean, the less dirt there is to remove, and the less work it takes to do it each time.

          Following a regular regimen of cleaning throughout the day will help you stay organized. Make a cleaning schedule and use a list of tasks to make sure everything gets cleaned. This practice will keep your warehouse clean, safe, and OSHA-compliant.

          5. Don’t Forget to Clean High Places

            Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t make for good warehouse cleaning where high surfaces collect unwanted dust and debris. Luckily, these areas are not difficult to clean with the right tools.

            You can reach high shelves and other overhead surfaces with a telescoping cleaning wand. Need to get even higher? A scissor lift can give you the height you need to perform a thorough cleaning.

            Tynan Makes Indiana Warehouse Cleaning Easy

            Indiana operations find warehouse cleaning is easier when they buy, rent, or lease equipment from Tynan. We carry everything you need to keep your warehouse clean and sanitary. Call us at (317) 597-4003 today to discuss how we can help you improve your warehouse cleaning.

            Using a sweeper-scrubber is a good way to keep your facilities safe from slip and falls.

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