2018 is upon us, and some of the biggest names in Indiana material handling equipment have announced or launched new models of lifts and tow trucks that push the envelope in innovation and productivity.

These are our picks for some of the best new material handling products in 2018.

Yale® Launches Attachment-Ready Forklift Trucks

If your operation deals with specialized solutions like clamp-equipped forklifts, you’re likely familiar with the issues that can come with these specialty attachments. Switching between attachments can eat into your productivity, not to mention the problems like overheating or engine slowdown that can result from improper hydraulic fitting. Yale aims to solve those issues with their new Attachment-Ready Trucks.

These lift trucks are outfitted with a modified front end for seamless attachment integration, including bale clamps and Bolzoni Auramo paper roll clamps. In addition, they have a reworked lift interface that ensures the proper hydraulic hoses sizing, routing, and hydraulic fittings.

If you find that your productivity is slipping due to slow-down during integrated work, Yale’s new line might be the key to success in 2018.

The New Cushman® Tug Tow Tractor with AC Power

Cushman tuggers have been a familiar site in almost every Indiana factory, warehouse, and supply chain depots for years. Now they’re getting a makeover to handle the demands of 2018. Included in the makeover are higher voltage batteries for longer hours of operation, enhanced e-braking systems for increased safety, and a consolidated chassis that increases the lowest tow capacity from 5,000 to 8,000 lbs.

Most importantly, the new Cushman Tug upgrades from DC to a full AC motor. AC power turns the Tug into a completely different animal:

  • A brushless motor and direct drive improve durability and efficiency during long workdays.
  • An AC motor makes more efficient use out of battery lifespan, giving more longevity and less downtime.
  • AC power increases peak horsepower from the previous model’s 11hp to 15.42hp.
  • The redesigned Tug engine gives the vehicle a vastly extended range, tested up to 80 miles on one charge.

With the new face of personnel carriers here, here’s never been a better time to upgrade your fleet.

The First Genie® Articulated XC Boom Hits The Market

Aerial lifts are some of the most difficult to operate, and multiple lifts can sometimes be necessary for jobs at certain heights. The new Genie Articulated XC Boom Lift, an upgraded version of the Genie Z-45, helps solve both of those problems.

The Articulated XC Boom uses a dual-envelope design to push the limits in aerial load capacity, maxing out at 660 lbs unrestricted and 1000 lbs restricted capacity. And it doesn’t sacrifice mobility for that extra power: it still boasts a working height of 51 ft 6 in, horizontal reach of 24 ft 9 in, and up-and-over clearance of 24 ft 7 in. For a majority of construction site applications, it’s an all-in-one machine.

Best of all, its zero-load field calibration and load sense cell are a blessing for lift operators. These continually check the weight of the load, and adjust the allowable range of motion to match that load chart, preventing dangerous movements and unnecessary wear on the hydraulics and motor.

Upgrade Your Forklifts in 2018

An investment now in new forklifts, tow tractors, or aerial lifts can have a big impact on your bottom line in 2018. Talk to the experts on Tynan to figure out the best place to reinvest in your material handling fleet by calling us at 317-497-5003.

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