Tips On A Holiday Forklift Rental For Your Indiana Warehouse


The holidays are quickly coming, and that could mean an increase in activity for your Indiana warehouse. Even if your company doesn’t gear up for Black Friday, this time of year usually means heavier workdays. Many organizations compensate for the increase in workload by renting a forklift for the holidays. Does your business need an extra truck on hand?  

Here are some tips to help your warehouse seamlessly add a holiday forklift rental to your fleet:

Lock-In Your Forklift Early

If your warehouse deals with consumer goods, the holidays might feel like the most stressful time of the year. The increase in consumer shopping means that an amazing number of pallets need to be processed at seemingly breakneck speeds. The preparation for Black Friday alone is enough to tax even the most competent warehouse staff. It’s no wonder that the majority of forklifts are rented over the holiday season, just to keep pace with increased workload demand.

Of course, other Indiana warehouses are in the same situation and will be looking for a forklift rental of their own. They might need the same make and model of forklift during the same time period as your operation. Wait until the last minute, and you may find that the truck you end up with is completely ineffective because it doesn’t have the properties you need.

The pro tip is to lock in a forklift rental as early as possible, so you get what you want at the time you need it most. You might even ask your local forklift rental agency if you can reserve a truck for next year right after the holiday rush has ended. And if you make any changes to your fleet during the year, make sure you know how that affects your holiday forklift rental.

Test the Make and Model before the Holidays

If you rent a familiar make and model for the holidays, then the extra truck will feel like an old friend. However, that may not be the ideal situation. Maybe there is a different model of forklift to better fit your application. Or perhaps you need a specialty rig, like a telehandler or high capacity forklift that you never needed before. 

If you are getting an unfamiliar truck, you may want to take it for a test run before the Christmas rush. This way you can be sure you understand the way the forklift handles, and if there are any new or unusual controls you should get used to. Also, make sure your forklift operator receives training on a particular machine if it is new to your warehouse. The last thing you need is more downtime because of a mishandled machine.

Optimize Your Warehouse for the Holidays

Renting an extra forklift (or three) can come in handy with the holiday rush, but that also means you have an extra forklift (or three) zooming around your warehouse. If you are renting forklifts to accommodate an extra shift, that’s one thing. However, if there are going to be more bodies on the floor, that’s where trouble can exist.

Before you get started renting a forklift for the holidays, make sure your warehouse can handle the increase in trucks. Established traffic flows will most likely need to be altered, and all staff needs to be notified and trained on the changes. You may even find that you need to widen the aisles or rent more narrow-aisle forklifts. Just remember that the holiday season can be the busiest time of the year -- and also the time most likely for accidents.

Tynan Is the Leader in Forklift Rentals in Indiana

When you need an extra forklift for the holiday season, just look to your local Tynan dealership. We rent more forklifts in Indiana than any other company and can help your operation be more efficient and effective during the Christmas rush. Just contact us at (317) 597-4003, and we can help you find the perfect forklift for your Indiana warehouse.

Renting a forklift in Indiana for the busy holiday season.

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