Daily Forklift Maintenance Checklist

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How do you know if your forklift is ready to be used for your shift? Before you start, you need to run through a forklift maintenance checklist. This helps you keep track of the condition of the forklift. And it protects you from accidents - and your Indiana business from costly repairs.

Here are some things to check regularly as part of your forklift maintenance checklist.

When The Forklift Engine Is Off

With the forklift engine powered off, take the time to check the exterior parts, the engine compartment, and the fluid levels.

1. Check Exterior Parts: Take a closer look at your tires and forks. Do your forklift tires look worn enough to be replaced? Do you need to adjust the tire pressure? Do your forks need to be serviced?

Then, take a peek underneath your forklift. Are there any visible fuel, oil, or coolant leaks?

It’s also helpful to look around the warehouse or plant floor and make sure there are no obstacles in your way.

2. Check The Engine Compartment: See if the engine oil and filter need changed. Check the fuel lines for leaks. Assess the condition of the belts. And tighten the hose clamps.

3. Check Fluid Levels: You’ll want to check that all your fluids are above their minimum level mark. The main systems to check are the steering system, the transmission, the hydraulic system, the coolant and conditioner, and the master brake cylinder.

4. Lubricate: Make sure that all the forklift parts are ready to operate smoothly. Lubricate the chains, the brakes, the hinges, the attachments, and the acceleration and clutch pedals as needed.

When The Forklift Engine Is On

Turn on the engine and test the following operations:

1. Is the forklift horn loud and audible over the sounds of the facility?

2. Is the seatbelt working smoothly?

3. Are the forklift’s foot and parking brakes responding timely?

4. Do the headlights and the warning lights turn on?

5. Is the exhaust discharging smoke freely?

Whether you’re in Indy, Lafayette, Columbus, or anywhere in between, your safety as a forklift driver is number one. One way to ensure that is to maintain your forklift on a daily basis. So once you’ve checked all of these operations, you can be confident that your forklift is ready for the shift ahead.

Note: This is not a comprehensive checklist. Contact your Indiana forklift dealer and refer to your forklift’s operator manual for a detailed maintenance checklist.

When Your Forklift Needs Servicing

Checking your forklift daily is a great way to prevent major damage. But your forklift still needs to be serviced on a regular basis. We recommend having a technician check it every 6 months. Depending on the volume of work and whether or not the forklift is exposed to the Indiana weather, you might need to have your material handling equipment looked at more often.

Get Training On Daily Forklift Maintenance In Indiana

For more information on pre-shift forklift maintenance in Indiana, contact us at 317.597.4003. Our experts provide training on forklift maintenance. And if your forklifts need servicing, our technicians are certified to bring them back to top shape!

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