Why Use Narrow Aisle Forklifts in Indiana Warehouses?

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When it comes to getting the most out of your Indiana warehouse, the key word is productivity. But what goes into productivity, and how can you improve it? The simplest way is to make sure you get the most out of all your assets, from manpower to building space to time.

If making your operation more efficient and productive is a priority, the solution you’re looking for may be narrow aisle lift trucks . Here are 3 reasons you should consider narrow aisle forklifts for your team.


The number one reason narrow aisle lift trucks are chosen is to maximize space. If you want as much product shelving as possible, moving to narrow aisles with the help of these specialty lift trucks can increase your storage space without sacrificing selectivity.

For years, warehouse managers have had to sacrifice either storage density or material handling to improve the other, but with the latest in narrow aisle lift truck technology, that’s no longer the case. Narrow aisle shelving allows you to have more racks with improved picking access, all while reducing travel time in your building. Done correctly, a narrow aisle system can increase your usable storage space by 45-50%


It’s easy to think that with specialty equipment such as narrow aisle lift trucks, additional specialized training is required for operators who are accustomed to standard lifts. Thankfully that usually isn’t the case, as narrow aisle forklifts tend to be easily operable, and are designed to reduce operator error.

Many narrow aisle lifts, such as the Yale NTA series, feature rail guidance, which uses proximity sensing to disable turning function in narrow aisles to ensure accidents are avoided. Turret trucks, or swing-reach lifts, are another common option, allowing a complete 180-degree rotating head to allow operators to service both sides of an aisle easily without additional maneuvering.


We know a lot has to go into the decision of when to buy new equipment for your Indiana warehouse, and the cost of ownership goes beyond just an initial purchase price. Most equipment purchases tend to slowly give you value over their lifetime, but when it comes to narrow aisle lifts, the immediate boost in storage capacity and productivity you gain can offset the cost of the unit instantly.


If narrow aisle packing is something you’re considering, or a decision you’ve already made, we want to help you succeed. Call us at 317-597-4003 to make sure your equipment is up to the task of helping your operation run as effectively as possible.

Narrow aisle forklifts maximize Indiana warehouse space and can improve efficiency.

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