How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Forklift in Indiana?


A forklift can be an essential piece of equipment for your Indiana business. However, owning a new forklift may not be a necessity for day-to-day activity. Perhaps you only need a truck for a particular one-off project or just don’t want the expense of upkeep. In these cases, it’s probably better to rent a forklift.

But how much should it cost to rent a forklift in Indiana? The answer isn’t always straightforward and usually depends on factors like size, carrying capacity, use, and contract length. In all, rates can range between $200-$800 a day or $1,000-$5,000 a month for your forklift.

The Upfront Cost of Renting a Forklift in Indiana

Several factors can influence the cost to rent a forklift in Indiana. For example, a large capacity forklift used on a construction site will be more expensive to rent than a smaller forklift that remains inside the warehouse. Here’s just a shortlist of variables that could affect your rental contract:

  • Capacity: Your larger, higher capacity forklifts will cost more to rent than lower capacity forklifts -- up to 3 times as much. When renting a forklift, make sure you don’t overestimate capacity needs, or you could be wasting a great deal of money.
  • Size: Generally, the larger the forklift, the more it costs to rent. However, small specialty forklifts, like a narrow aisle forklift, could be more expensive per day than your average low-capacity truck.
  • Use: Forklifts used inside in optimum conditions generally will have a lower rental cost than those used on rough terrain or in specialty functions. There may be an extra cost if your rental forklift needs special attachments.
  • Length of Contract: Longer rental commitments usually mean a lower cost per day. For instance, a low capacity forklift could cost $200/day if rented on a day-by-day basis. The same forklift could also be rented for a month-long project at $1,500/month -- that’s only $50/day!

The Hidden Costs to Rent a Forklift in Indiana

While your rental contract depends on size, use, and carrying capacity, there are some hidden costs to rent a forklift that you should factor in.

  • Insurance: Just like when you rent a car, you’re liable for damage to the forklift because of accidents or misuse. Your current insurance policy could cover forklift rentals or purchase temporary insurance for your rental term.
  • Maintenance: Just like repairs from an accident, you’re also responsible for maintenance caused by misuse or abuse while you have the rental. Tynan Equipment offers both maintenance and no maintenance rental options for standard maintenance like PMs.
  • Fuel: Any fuel you use will come from your pocket. So factor gas, propane, or electricity into your total rental cost.
  • Operator: Even a rental forklift requires a fully certified operator. If you don’t have one available on staff, you will have to hire a temporary driver.

Your Forklift Rental Should Start With Tynan

To get a forklift rental at a fair price, just head over to Tynan. We have the largest forklift rental fleet in Indiana, and we’ll work with you to find the right truck for your projects. Call us at 317-597-4003 today to book your forklift rental.

Forklift cost can vary depending on its size and payload.

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