Can A Used Forklift Be Modified


Buying a used forklift in Indiana comes with a lot of upsides: they’re more affordable, you know they can handle the workload, and it’s fairly quick to build a material handling fleet with used lift trucks. With used forklifts, your build choices are more limited, and that means you can lose flexibility in your operations. You know forklift attachments and mods can make your lift trucks more versatile, so you might wonder: can a used forklift be modified?

The short answer is yes, used forklifts can usually be modified. Here’s what you should know about it.

What to Know About Used Forklift Mods and Attachments

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions fleet managers have about used forklift modifications and attachments.

What’s the benefit of modifying a used forklift?

The most common use of forklift mods is to make your fleet more versatile. Need to lift rollers, barrels or something other than standard pallets? A bale or roller clamp may be the mod you need to get the job done. Other common mods could include fork extensions, scales, and carpet poles.

Are any forklift mods dangerous or illegal?

This is kind of a tricky question because almost every modification to a forklift has to be judged on an individual level. In general, it can be dangerous, against regulations, and generally inadvisable to pursue any modification to a forklift that would drastically alter its capacity, intended use, or balance.

Of course, any attachment will change the forklift’s general use.  Adding an attachment adds weight, which will reduce its capacity. Larger attachments, like a carpet pole, can greatly affect capacity. If the pole is fairly long, it will further extend the load center.

In general, any mod should not try to interfere or change the lifting mechanism of the forklift. That can sometimes be tough to judge, which is why you will want a certified expert to install your attachments or modifications.  For example, adding an additional lifting point to the truck by drilling holes and securing eye bolts to the forks would be altering its intended use, and heavily inadvisable.

What About Operator Training for Used Forklifts with Mods?

An important thing to remember is that with any forklift or material handling device, whether used or new, is that the attachment or mod turns the forklift into a completely different machine. That means that any operator will need to undergo training on the forklift with a new modification or attachment. After all, it’s no use to modify your used forklifts if they cannot be safely driven.

Where can I get modifications done on my used forklift?

For most Indiana operations, modifications and attachments should be handled by certified technicians. If you purchased your used forklift from a dealer, like Tynan, more often than not they can perform modifications or add your preferred attachments. Tynan can also perform the work you need done on a used forklift you’ve purchased in the past, depending on the modification or attachment that you want performed on the truck.

Tynan Can Help Install Modifications or Attachments to Your Used Forklifts

Tynan can help you get the used forklift that will work for your Indiana operation. Our service experts are certified with many popular forklift brands, and can effectively install modifications or attachments that make your forklifts more effective. Give us a call at 317-597-4003 to request info or price our services today.

Used forklift in Indiana moving a load.

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