Aerial Lifts for Sale in Indiana

The most efficient businesses involved in material handling in Indiana don’t just make use of floor space – they make use of their vertical space. Multi-level vertical storage, construction work, municipal utility work, warehousing and retail, and more industries can make use of our extensive line of aerial lifts by Genie®.

From “cherry picker’ boom lifts to platform scissor lifts, Tynan Equipment Company of Indiana offers a wide array of solutions to meet your vertical needs:

Articulating Boom Lifts in Indiana - “Up, over, and out” is what you get from Genie articulating boom lifts. Able to navigate around beam work, rooftops, complex shelving and more, an articulating boom can give you access to the hardest to reach spots on your worksite.

Telescoping Boom Lifts in Indiana - Reaching higher and further than any other aerial lift, telescoping boom lifts are the number one lift for construction teams, municipal maintenance crews, and masonry companies.

Scissor Lifts in Indiana - When straight vertical platform height is what you need, Genie scissor lifts have you covered. Perfect for warehouse and supply chain businesses, scissor lifts give you easy shelving, mezzanine, and window access when you need it.

Telehandlers in Indiana - Bridging the gap between forklifts and boom lifts, Genie telehandlers are customizable and versatile, perfect for ever-changing worksites in new construction, agriculture, and landscaping.


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