3 Things Every Warehouse Manager Needs To Know About Forklifts In Indiana


1. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Leasing VS Buying Forklifts

Deciding between leasing and buying forklifts for your facility in Indiana depends on different factors.

Lease a forklift if you need smoother cash flow or if you have minimal credit. A lease also allows you to try different brands and new models. Buy a forklift if you intend to use it outside. Owning a forklift as part of a fleet reduces maintenance costs and gives you more flexibility in how much and where you can use it.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantage of leasing vs buying forklifts in Indiana.

2. About Forklift Insurance

Every warehouse facility in Indiana that uses forklifts needs to have forklift insurance. In case of an accident where the forklift is damaged or an employee is injured, insurance has you covered. For example, the forklift can tip over and crush the driver. An employee can get struck by a forklift. Or material can fall on the driver. Any injuries that the driver sustains or damages to the products are a liability on your business.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy covers mobile equipment such as forklifts. Connect with an insurance agent to determine which CGL policy fits your needs best. One way you can reduce your insurance costs is to hire certified forklift drivers.

3. How Forklift Drivers Get Licensed

Online Training And Testing: Forklift certification courses are available online. These courses introduce your drivers to the best practices in operating a forklift safely. You’ll want to make sure they also enroll in an OSHA-approved safety course. The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has set safety standards for operating heavy machinery such as forklifts so that everyone is safe in your warehouse.

At the end of the course, the driver receives a certification acknowledging that he completed the education required to operate a forklift.

On-Site Training: The online course covers the basic of operating a forklift. But it doesn’t tailor the lessons to the specific model of forklifts you have in your warehouse. You’ll want to arrange for your drivers to go through on-site training. That way, they’re familiar with operating your forklifts and how to use them for the specific needs of your warehouse. Drivers become more efficient and more safety conscious through on-site training.

Get More Information On Forklifts In Indiana

Whether you’re buying the first forklift for your warehouse or planning an addition to your fleet, our experts help you assess your material handling needs. We’re happy to discuss your options of leasing and buying forklifts, refer you to an insurance agent, and sign your drivers up for an operator training course. Call us at [[phone number]] to get more information on forklifts in Indiana!

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