Should You Buy A Previously Rented Forklift?

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As your Indiana business decides which used forklift it should buy, there are plenty of qualifications you should take into account.  For Instance, you should have an approximate idea of the forklift's work life  You should understand what mechanical issues were dealt with, along with a comprehensive maintenance record.  And above all else, you should trust the reputation of the seller.

With those details in mind, you may actually want to consider a forklift that’s currently being used in a rental fleet.  Rentals usually have a heavily tracked usage and an extensive maintenance record, especially if it was rented through a reputable dealership.  In fact, a previously rented forklift could be the best used forklift you can buy.

Rental Forklifts Are Usually Used In Short Spurts

Most of the time, when a company rents a forklift, it is used for temporary work.  Perhaps it is used to help a warehouse get ready for the holiday rush or other seasonal work.  It could be that a business is putting on a special event that requires an extra set of wheels.  A company could even need a rental for a one-time project.

A rental period can be for a weekend or longer, but most projects last under three months.  After it comes back, it has a complete maintenance check. Then when another company needs a forklift, it goes out again for another short assignment.  

Because of the short burst usage, many rental forklifts don’t put in as many hours between maintenance checks as other trucks.  When buying a used forklift, hours matter -- particularly hours of continuous use. Most rental dealerships also have comprehensive use records, as defined within the different rental agreements.  

Rental Forklifts May Have the Most Preventative Maintenance Compared to Other Used Forklifts

When a rental is returned to the dealer, it should go through a complete maintenance inspection.  This should happen every time a forklift is returned, even if it was only out for a weekend project.  That means if a dealership rents out a particular forklift 40 times during the year, then it will go through 40 maintenance diagnostics when returned.

If anything is flagged as faulty or worn down, then it is replaced by our certified technicians before it becomes a problem.  The idea is to get the forklift running like new, so the next customer can instantly get to work.  After all, it benefits both the dealer and the renter to have well-maintained forklifts that run perfectly throughout the rental period.

You May Be Renting the Perfect Forklift Right Now

If you are currently enjoying your rental while trying to decide on what used forklift to buy, then you may ask to see if you can buy that rental.  You are already comfortable with how it works, how it performs, and its maintenance level. It is as if you already have taken it out on an extended test-drive.  And think of all the shopping time you save!

Buy Your Used Forklift From Tynan’s Rental Fleet

Tynan is the largest rental dealership in Indiana, and they sell many of their used forklifts directly from their rental fleet.  Each forklift starts out band new, and our certified technicians remain diligent in replacing possible worn out parts as a prevention measure and fixing every single mechanical issue right when it happens.  Every truck is inspected regularly and comes with a full maintenance history. We offer a variety of warranties to fit what you need. Just call 317-597-4003, and we’ll help you find the perfect used forklift from our rental fleet.

Buying a rental forklift in Indiana has many benefits.

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