Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers are Indiana’s Best Floor Cleaners

Floor Cleaning Equipment Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers Featured

Keeping your facilities clean and tidy doesn’t usually make you any money. It’s probably not going to get you new customers, and likely won’t increase your revenue. But keeping your workspace–especially your floors–clean is vital for worker safety, maneuverability, and overall workplace efficiency.

The type of floor cleaning equipment for Indiana businesses that we most often recommend are combination floor sweeper-scrubbers.

Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers Are The Most Efficient Floor Cleaners

Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers are an all-in-one floor cleaning solution, combining the tools of a riding sweeper and floor scrubber without sacrificing maneuverability or speed. Not only does that mean fewer machines for a cleaning crew to have to learn, but it comes with several other benefits.

Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers are Time Effective

One pass is all it takes to clean every square inch of floor space in your facility. With a combo sweeper-scrubber, say goodbye to breaking out multiple machines to clean your surfaces. Combo sweeper-scrubbers cut down on time spent cleaning, increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime.

Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers are Cost Effective

When you don’t need an entire fleet of floor cleaning riders, your cost for fuel, maintenance, and storage space is cut into a fraction. Not to mention the money you save on not purchasing multiple machines in the first place.

Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers are Versatile

As the name implies, combination sweeper-scrubbers can tackle more jobs than either of their two parts could alone. They can work wet or dry, pick up debris, shine floors, and more – meaning one machine is all you need for any cleaning situation.

The Best Floor Sweeper-Scrubbers on the Market Today

Whether you need to buy or rent floor cleaning equipment in Indiana, choosing the right model is important. Here are some of our preferred Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers from Powerboss.

Powerboss Nautilus

The Powerboss Nautilus sweeper-scrubber is the ultimate in versatility. With easy changing attachments and Quick Scrub features, the Nautilus can service any surface in any workplace quickly and efficiently.

Powerboss Commander

The Commander line of floor cleaners are true powerhouses. With a wide path, the Commander can clean up to 67,000 square feet per hour, and optional side brushes can pump that up even further. The Commander T90 is also one of the few floor cleaning devices powered by a four cylinder engine, perfect for heavy duty cleaning.

Powerboss Admiral

The Admiral series from Powerboss are slightly more compact than the other two, but make up for it in usability and maneuverability. All cleaning operations are powered by a single push of a button, and the smaller size makes it perfect for narrow aisles or just smaller facilities in general. For more recommendations on floor cleaning equipment, or to get a quote on a lease or rental for your own combination sweeper-scrubber, call Tynan Equipment Co. at 317-597-4003 today.

Combo Sweeper-Scrubbers like the Powerboss Admiral cut down on your cleaning time.

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