How to Effectively Implement a Forklift Fleet Management System in Indiana


It is an ongoing challenge to find ways to reduce costs while improving productivity for your Indiana business. Technology can be used to help you collect useful data on your forklift fleet to set goals, regulate fleet size, and monitor operator engagement and performance. Having a forklift fleet management system in Indiana can standardize operations so your workload is effective -- even across multiple facilities.

The Benefits of an Effective Fleet Management System in Indiana

There are many benefits that come with the implementation of an effective forklift fleet management system in Indiana. Data-gathering technology helps you monitor your forklifts from anywhere and at any time with different wireless asset management tools. The result is a more efficient warehouse that benefits both your company and your operators.

Specifically, a Forklift Fleet Management System in Indiana Will:

  • Optimize Workflow: Utilize technology to analyze the productivity of your operators and efficiencies of equipment. Using this information can help to boost productivity and efficiency and to optimize workflow.
  • Protect Your Equipment: You can provide protection in real-time with safety alerts. You can send messages to your operators allowing instant follow up. This also allows you to track and schedule preventive forklift maintenance to protect your fleet.
  • Regulate Fleet Size: It is of vital importance to have the right fleet size of new and used forklifts in Indiana. You can regulate fleet size by monitoring fleet utilization in real-time. Knowing the status of the readiness of your fleet allows you to see what forklifts are used and which ones sit idle, allowing you to maintain the most efficient fleet size.
  • Diagnose Equipment Functions: Monitor your forklifts’ transmission, engine, as well as electronic and hydraulic functions to show potential problems. Monitoring equipment in this way provides maximum operation time.
  • Track Forklift Activity: Using GPS locators to track your trucks at any time will give you a full view of traffic flow. Being able to access the location of your fleet and truck operators gives you the ability to track productivity and to determine potential truck bottlenecks.

How to Pick the Right Fleet Management Tools

As your forklift fleet grows, the need for the right fleet management system grows also. What you need is something that will incorporate your older forklifts as well as your newer forklift models. And something that will monitor all your equipment, no matter what brand.

Systems like Yale Vision provides wireless asset management that helps you monitor your fleet and provide data in real-time. They will track all your forklift activity and compile reports that can be shared over your PC or wireless devices. You can use the data to make a meaningful analysis of your forklift fleet. Then, you can adjust your fleet or workflow accordingly -- or ask Tynan for additional in-depth analysis!

Rely on Tynan for Reliable Fleet Management

Tynan Equipment provides fleet management solutions that can improve cost-efficiency, safety, and inventory management for your Indiana business. Whether you have single trucks or hundreds in your fleet, we offer reliable forklift fleet management in Indiana. Contact us today at 317-597-4003 to learn more about our forklift fleet management services.

Tynan Equipment provides fleet management solutions.

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