Figuring Out A Forklift Rental Schedule For Your Indiana Business

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As your business probably knows, there are times when renting a forklift is a necessity -- like when a forklift goes down with a major maintenance problem or you have an unexpected heavy workload.  For these instances, you’ll need a last-minute forklift rental or your Indiana business will fall behind.

However, there are other times when you can plan out your forklift rentals so your Indiana business can stay fully functional without investing in equipment that will otherwise sit idle for most of the year. If used properly, these forklift rentals save you both storage space and money.  And it’s something that you’ll want to plan ahead with a forklift rental schedule. 

Creating a Forklift Rental Schedule in Indiana

A forklift rental schedule is a plan that identifies when you anticipate needing a rental forklift. If you look at the coming year, you can schedule your forklift rentals ahead of time with the forklift dealer. By giving them advance notice, they can reserve the equipment you need and have it ready when the time comes, saving you a huge headache later. 

To guarantee that you will have a forklift when you need it, it’s a smart idea to schedule your rentals a full year in advance. This kind of forethought and planning is especially crucial for busy seasons when your Indiana businesses will likely have to pay attention to so many other activities. The last thing you need to do is book a last-minute forklift rental when you’re in the thick of the hectic Holiday season! 

If you plan on renting a forklift that’s unfamiliar to your company, you will need to ensure that your operators will be safe and efficient.  By creating a forklift rental schedule a year or so out, you also can schedule on-site forklift training for your Indiana operation.  After all, you don’t need your forklift rental to be part of an accident.

When Will You Need Your Forklift Rentals?

When you sit down to create your forklift rental schedule, keep in mind the many scenarios when you will require a rental forklift throughout the year. This will depend on the type of business you work for, but here are some common busy periods or equipment gaps when you might need a rental forklift:

  • Increased warehouse work over the holidays and during the Black Friday rush
  • Special one-off projects, especially for a client with little flexibility
  • The construction peak season
  • When you're ready to buy a new forklift to expand your fleet but want to try one out
  • A change in your process due to company expansion, an acquisition or merger, changing client needs, etc. 

You may think of other times this year when your business needs to rent a forklift. But the main thing to keep in mind is that the sooner you discuss your forklift rental schedule, the easier it becomes to plan budgets and workflow. 

Schedule Your Forklift Rental with Tynan Today

As Indiana’s top dealership for rental forklifts, Tynan goes above and beyond to provide the equipment you need to get every job done right and on time. We have the largest forklift rental fleet in Indiana, and our competitive rates and exceptional service make forklift rentals easy. Call us at 317-579-4003 to discuss your forklift rental schedule and to reserve your equipment today.

The sooner you discuss your forklift rental schedule, the easier it becomes to plan budgets and workflow.

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