The Small Equipment & Accessories Indiana Warehouses Need

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When we talk about Indiana warehouse equipment, the first things that might come to mind are material handling equipment such as specialty forklifts, pallet jacks, and utility vehicles. But you can’t neglect the smaller equipment and warehouse accessories that make your daily operations possible.

These are the accessories and small equipment that you need to have stocked. And if you see anything here that you’re short on, shop for your supplies at the Tynan Online Warehouse Catalog.

Magnetic Sweepers

In manufacturing plants, metal shavings often fall to the floor. In retail, packing staples and pallet nails can scatter around. And in any workspace, small metal objects like screws, nuts, clamps and more can be accidentally dropped and scattered. All of these can present danger to people walking around, and can cause damage to equipment with wheels or tires.

A magnetic sweeper is a handy tool that easily rolls over the floor and picks up any loose metal, cutting the time and effort out of cleanup. Magnetic sweepers are also a must-have if you often use floor-cleaning equipment, like floor scrubbers or sweepers, since metal debris can cause serious damage to their inner workings.

Ramps, Dock Boards, and Edge of Dock Levelers

For supply chains, retail warehouses, and any operation that sends or receives any shipping, you’re going to be dealing with uneven levels on loading docks. Loading ramps, edge levelers, and dock boards can help make loading and unloading safer, easier, and more time effective.

Make sure that any ramps you look into can match the width of any dollies or pallet jacks you use. Also be sure to invest in dock boards and edge levelers that won’t get slippery in wet conditions if you’re moving items from a loading bay that connects outdoors.

Miscellaneous Racks and Storage

If everything you needed to store could be stored in your normal racking, it would cause a lot fewer of headaches. Unfortunately, you are going to have items and supplies that don’t make ergonomic sense on normal shelving. Enter specialty racking, such as cantilever racks for storing long beams, lumber and other long, narrow items. You also might need forward racks to store reels of cabling and other spooled tools.

Industrial Fans, Heaters, and Floor Dryers

Fans, heaters, and floor dryers are all about employee comfort and safety. If your warehouse gets exceptionally stuffy or hot in the summer months, your team is at risk of overheating or making dangerous mistakes due to heat exhaustion. Place industrial fans in spots that maximize air flow, especially if there are areas you need to keep free of dust or debris. The same goes with industrial heaters if you have indoor-outdoor operations or busy loading docks in winter.

Floor dryers are absolutely essential as well. Even if your team can easily walk on newly cleaned floors without risk of slipping, accidents can still happen all too often. Ladders in particular are especially susceptible to slipping under the weight of someone when the floor beneath them is still not completely dry.

Shop Tynan for All Your Warehouse Equipment Needs

Tynan Equipment isn’t just Indiana’s authority on forklifts and material handling equipment. We provide warehouse accessories and equipment to businesses all across the state. Take a look at our Online Warehouse Catalog or call us at 317-597-4003 today to talk about your needs.

Small warehouse equipment and accessories can make life much easier on your team.

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