5 Features To Look For In A Tow Tractor


When you’re in the market for a tow tractor, you might get overwhelmed by the variety of tow tractors available in central Indiana and beyond. Which features are important? Which features are cost effective? Which features make sense for my facility? We answer these questions and more in this list of 5 features to look for in a tow tractor.

1. Tow Tractors With On-Board Diagnostics

On-board diagnostics for tow tractors allow you to get real-time notifications of changes in fluid levels, tire pressure, and maintenance needs. This tow tractor feature helps you save money as you are more aware of when to service your vehicle, reducing repair costs.

2. Hall Effect Speed Control Sensor On Tow Tractors

The hall effect speed control sensor replaces the potentiometer in tow tractors. It’s a more accurate way to detect and control the movement of your tow tractor. This substantially minimizes wear on your vehicle and reduces the number of adjustments you’d need to make. So look for a tow tractor with a hall effect speed control sensor.

3. Auto Deceleration System For Tow Tractors

With most tow tractors in Indiana, you have to manually use the service brake to slow down. You’ll want to look for one that has an auto deceleration system. The auto deceleration system allows you to have better control over the tow tractor as it slows down. It improves productivity and minimizes the driver’s fatigue. When you’re running the tow tractor for an entire shift, your drivers will thank you, and your Indiana operations will be more efficient with an auto deceleration system.

4. Ergonomically Designed Tow Tractors

Since the driver will be sitting in this tow tractor for an entire shift, you’ll want to buy a comfortable vehicle. Look for one that has an ergonomically designed handle. The driver should be able to easily grip the handle and reach all the buttons on it. It should rotate fully so that the driver can control the direction of the tow tractor.

The brake levers should be conveniently located on the control handle. And the horn button should be large and centered.

To prevent joint and back pain, the knee and back pads should be cushioned. This is essential when the tow tractor is being used for extended periods of time.

5. Large Trail Wheels On Tow Tractors

Tow tractor wheels are your point of contact with the warehouse floor. The bigger the wheel, the smoother the ride is for the driver and for the products.

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