How Electric Forklifts Can Spark Indiana Businesses

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Electric forklifts used to be in the minority of lift trucks used around Indiana. As forklift technology has advanced, and warehouse managers have wised up to their benefits, electric forklifts are now about dead-even in usage with internal combustion (IC) engines.

So what are the major benefits an electric forklift can give to your business?

Electric Forklifts Have a Lower Cost of Ownership

The initial price tag isn’t the only cost you’ll pay to own and operate a forklift. There’s a lot of capital that goes into the daily use and periodic maintenance of your equipment. An electric forklift’s yearly fuel costs tend to come in at around a quarter of the cost for comparable gas, propane, or diesel lift trucks.

Compared to IC lifts, electric forklifts also have longer maintenance intervals. That means fewer instances of downtime while your forklift is being serviced, and fewer invoices you have to pay to your forklift repairman. That could result in a cheaper overall cost if you're renting an electric forklift in Indiana.

Electric Forklifts Run Cleaner

Because there’s no petroleum or other fuel being burned, electric forklifts don’t emit any exhaust that can be harmful to your employees. That means if you’re working in a warehouse, shipping center, or a combined indoor-outdoor workplace, an electric forklift is an absolute necessity.

In addition to less physical pollution, electric forklifts also don’t contribute to noise pollution. Electric engines are much quieter than their IC counterparts, making them even more suitable for indoor work.

Electric Forklifts Are Easier To Operate

Ask just about any forklift operator who’s used both IC and electric lift trucks, and ask them which they’d rather work with. We’re willing to bet that they’ll opt for an electric truck, and we can hardly blame them.

Forklift engines powered by electricity rather than liquid fuel produce less rumbling and vibration, so the operator doesn’t get fatigued as easily. With their smaller engines, electric forklifts can also maneuver a bit more deftly, especially when turning tight corners.

Electric forklifts offer operators better visibility, too. Since the operator won’t have a large propane fuel tank sitting behind them, they can easily check blind spots and make themselves aware of their surroundings.

Since most companies will let the forklift sit and charge overnight, the operator also won’t need to worry about switching out fuel tanks throughout the day. That means less downtime, a steadier workflow, and a less frustrated employee.

Lastly, no fuel tank means no need for external fuel storage. A propane powered forklift would require you to invest in and set up a rack to store replacement tanks and used tanks. An electric lift needs no such thing.

Electric Forklifts Are Available To Buy Or Rent In Indiana

Electric forklifts are incredibly versatile, and so are the options with Tynan Equipment. We have one of the largest fleets of brand-new and used forklifts, all available to buy, rent or lease with flexible terms. Call 317-597-4003 today to learn more about your options when you turn to Tynan.

Electric forklifts thrive indoors, like in warehouses or retail shelving applications.

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